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Monday, February 26, 2018

Heavy storms hit the US

Por sumily

A tornado is a meteorological phenomenon. Its way of manifesting itself is like a column of air that advances violently and is in contact with the surface of the Earth in the form of a cloud. In countries such as Argentina, tornadoes are usually of a small scale, which leads to the fall of branches and trees, and less frequently, the blowing up of roofs and the displacement of automobiles. In the case of thunderstorms, they are also climatological phenomena, which, unlike the tornado, is characterized by the presence of lightning. They are accompanied by rain and strong winds but can occur without these climatic conditions, it is also impossible to predict where the rays will fall, which increases the risk and danger for people and their material goods.

Three people died in Kentucky and Arkansas due to several storms that gave way to a tornado. The meteorological phenomenon devastated several houses in Tennesse and caused considerable floods. The states of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana were declared an emergency by the local authorities, product to the system of storms that would extend from Texas to the Canadian provinces in front of the sea. A man's body was recovered from a vehicle submerged in a creek whose level increased due to flooding near the community of Franklin, in south-central Kentucky. This was confirmed by Simpson County authorities.

However, the names of the victims will remain hidden until they are made known to their relatives about such unfortunate misfortune. Dallas Jane Combs, a 79-year-old woman, died after a tornado destroyed her home in Adairville, about 20 miles away from southern Kentucky. The police of Logan County were the ones who made this case known and assured that the woman was inside the house when the structure collapsed and she lost her life in the place. Combs' husband, meanwhile, suffered minor injuries because he was outside the house trying to put a plastic to protect the house from the rain and with the attack was thrown into the basement of the house.

County Clay County Sheriff Terry Miller told the press that in northwest Arkansas, Albert Foster, an 83-year-old man died when the windstorms overturned his mobile home. Foster died after the wind swept his house to the lagoon. The National Meteorological Service, in official reports, announced that in Osceola a hotel was left without a roof, 257 km north of Memphis, Tennesse. He also confirmed that this Sunday there would be a tornado with maximum winds of 193 kph. Related to the storm were affectations in houses and cars, where Fox17, in Nashville.

For his part, Eric Greitens, the governor of Missouri, signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency before the forecast of weather phenomena such as storms and tornadoes and floods in parts of the south of the state. With this law, the resources of the Missouri National Guard remain active and state resources are guaranteed based on the damages caused by bad weather.