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Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Latino fighting for his people

Por sumily

Renowned actor and film producer Eugenio Derbez talks about the Platinum Awards class and highlights the fact that they unite all Ibero-American cinematography.The actor acknowledges that he has always complained that the Latino community never shares his films with each other.

It is very strange that, speaking the same language, Spanish films do not reach Mexico, or Mexican films do not reach Argentina, perhaps due to lack of economic resources in the distribution.The truth is that with these awards, they begin to make known the directors, actors, cultures and different cinematographies.About the April ceremony, of which he will be his host, he promises with laughter that he will try to be as irreverent as possible.

Speaking to the agency Efe, Eugenio Derbez, who is preparing to release his new project in English, the comedy "Overboard", said that if Hollywood really intends to bet on diversity in their projects, the change should start with the executives of the studies.According to the Mexican idol, everything starts with the executives.

The report "Inequality in 900 Popular Films", produced by the University of Southern California, is a document that shows that only 3.1 percent of the characters in the main Hollywood films between 2007 and 2016 were Latino. The actor and filmmaker echoed this report to give voice to the Latino community.

The actor states that this is a percentage that does not mean anything because of the minimal number. And he sets himself as an example, who has had to become a character in his own films and productions, although he participates in some that invite him, but the truth is that the opportunities for Latinos in Hollywood are very limited and that has a lot to do with what to do with the executives.

As you can see, Derbez, if there is no diversity above, there can not be diversity below. When you propose an idea to the study, they read it only people of Anglo-Saxon origin and do not understand the concept, the potential of the story, or who are the actors that work in Latin America. If they do not know the Spanish-speaking world, they do not know their actors and therefore, they do not hire them.

Hence, he considers that the change must come from the highest levels. To hire Hispanic directors and actors you need executives who understand the market to make good decisions.Derbez, in turn, was happy about the opening of doors to minorities by the Hollywood Academy, the only possible way that, later, the work of Latino actors will be recognized more frequently.

In recent conversations with John Bailey, president of the institution, the producer also spoke about it. Derbez was also awarded a Platinum Award at the announcement of the nominations that took place last Tuesday.Derbez, who will be the host of the Platinum Awards on April 29 in Riviera Maya, Mexico, said that Bailey's presence at the event speaks of the platinum's credibility.According to the interpreter, these are prizes that are growing exponentially. Although they only go for the fifth edition, they already have incredible credibility in Latin America, with great support from the community. We try to be the Oscar in Spanish.