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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Aaron Judge: one Home Run Derby is enough

Por Feco

Judge was recently interviewed on the Home Run Derby and his answers have brought speculation. The player declined to answer a question about a rumor that a left shoulder injury that required surgery in the offseason has come because of his participation in the Home Run Derby. His answers did not satisfy the majority.

After winning the Home Run Derby of the year in Miami, New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge is "inclined" to not compete again in the event. "Just one and now. Champion of Home Run Derby, "Judge told reporters Thursday morning. "It was a pleasant experience. I enjoyed everything, but I do not really think I need to go back and do everything again."

Judge admitted that there is a chance he will change her mind as the All-Star game of this year approaches. The current American League Rookie of the Year and home run champion in that group reiterated to reporters his desire to stay out of any home run tournament in the future, in relation to a comment he made in the Players Tribune podcast that was published on Wednesday. "I think one is enough," Judge told podcast conductors CC Sabathia and Ryan Ruocco about appearing at the mid-season event. However, on Thursday, Judge gave no reason to explain his decision, besides saying it was a personal matter. And of course, fans and specialists are wondering.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman just said, "My job is to get as many Home Run Derby candidates as I can. How to solve that ... ", before getting away from the microphones. Right after winning the Derby last year, Judge fell into a notable slump in his hitting. His average dropped to .185 with just three homers in August and he re-found his swing in the last five weeks of the regular calendar, hitting .311 with 15 homers and 32 RBIs. Judge finished the regular season as leader in home runs for the AL with 52.

Questioned whether his slump after the Derby had an impact on his decision to evade the event, Judge said no. "Not at all. It is the least of my worries. I know everyone talks about how the Derby will cause that, but it had no effect on me, "Judge said. "The Derby did not even cause me much fatigue, to be honest. It was like taking a batting practice. It was nothing to wear me out. I did not try to swing at 110 percent. I swung at a normal 80-90 percent, I just tried to make contact, "he added.