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Friday, March 2, 2018

Alphabet Inc.’s spelling words of TV

Por qubano22005

New media, that is social media, is a huge source of money or at least it seems so. Apparently, if you are a successful YouTuber even a kid can become a rich person, a millionaire person. Social media like Youtube and Netflix are among the most popular companies and the ones with bigger incomes in the world. This time, YoutubeTV makes a good use of its popularity and is raising the online prices of during broadcasting of the beginning and the finals of American widely accepted sports, like the National Basketball League (NBA) and the Major League of Baseball (MLB), recently announced the spokesman of the company.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google is doing the same with its YouTube TV online service for new customers adding channels from Time Warner Inc.’s Turner. It is not a coincidence that Silicon Valley Company bets for strong sport’s offering where there are potential customers and possible subscribers. Sports are more viewed than other kinds of program; America’s Super Bowl is one of the cases. Heather Moosnick, director of YouTubeTV content’s partnerships, believes that sports are an open door and a key when it comes to offerings and unquestionably there are many internet users willing to pay for a live TV Sports’ service. Who knows if in the future Olympics Games and UEFA Champions League will be one of Google’s targets?

When Google launched YouTube TV last April, it acted with caution regarding how much content it was offering so the price could be kept low enough. A year after Youtube TV’s creation, Alphabet raised up the prices to $40 from the $35 per month with the addition of Turner’s channels, which include TNT, CNN and TBS, and soon will be adding MLB Network and NBA TV.

Google is a hard player. The fast ball is overcoming while competitors as Dish Network Corp’s Sling TV, AT&T’s DirecTV Now and Hulu are decreasing in numbers. Online world is earning more and more followers to the point people are canceling their cable subscription. New media are supported by new technologies and devices like Smartphone, tablets and laptops. In addition, the speed of networks connection is faster than a few years ago, so to watch a film or download it from Netflix or Youtube happens in a few seconds. Furthermore, opinion leaders can be changed. If a few years ago a television host or broadcaster was an opinion leader nowadays YouTubers and entertainment stars are heavily followed in social media, so the chances to get a bigger number of people and a reliable audience are greater. Step by step, Youtube has positioned, and it may be possible that its contents become with the passing of the time the over-the-top top.

The point is that if satellite channels and cable channels don´t change their way to trade they will lose a lot of money. A recent report showed red numbers in four largest cable and satellite companies. They lost around 1.5 million customers in 2017.

The bad news is that Google is one of the leading companies of online content and the owner of the most popular online video broadcaster. So the best for those telecommunication company providers do is to get an alliance because competition in digital media will be hard. Some numbers illustrated how the battlefield is. For instance, DirectTV now has over 2 million subscribers, according to AT&T. The offerings range from $20 for Sling TV’s most basic offering of 30 channels to $39.99 for Hulu’s one with more than 50 channels and its library of shows and movies, which costs $7.99 separately.

Google hasn’t revealed how many subscribers have signed up for YouTube TV when it was launched to the market. Initially, they only had five markets. Currently, it has widen its markets within the top 100 American markets and is expanding to more than a dozen additional ones, reaching over 85% of US households.

One of the most important measures of Google’s Alphabet as the owner of Youtube is reviewing advertisement on their contents, along with other steps to add to a better control and safety environment for brands, for instance, to get rid of ads with less than10 000 views. Another action of the plan is to avoid contents that may have sexual comments.

This way,Youtube and Social Media are renovating media contents and hardware industry.