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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How to avoid US restrictions

Por freewinds12345

Winter Olympic Games will be remembered as one of the reconciliation attempts between two Koreas. Despite hugs, smiles and photos among athletes and members of the nations, US interference and sanctions avoiding a possible dialogue and negotiation destroyed any possibility to find an ending path to the conflict one step away of a conceivable meeting with Mike Pence,US Vice President, and Kim Jong-un's sister and members of North Korea Government. Actually, Kim Jong-un said he wants to lower the “warm climate of reconciliation and dialogue” with South Korea, which hosts 28 500 U.S. troops. Event though, sanctions jeopardize any detente dialogue between the two countries.

Rusia and China are trying to convince Washington of a peaceful solution when conflict sanctions against the communist nation are tightened and tougher than ever. But North Korea proved they don´t bend their knees on US sanctions and threads.

Analyzing data and policies from both parts, it is evident North Korea’s position to continue with the schedule of their nuclear weapon program as a way of defense and self-protection against its main enemies: Japan, South Korea and mainly the United States of America. On the other hand, the White House promotes military exercises and training close to North Korea´s coast. Also, they have ships, submarines and bomber planes rounding the sea of the Korean peninsula.

America is trying to drown politically North Korean people, something that is not new in US policy. The embargo against Cuba is one of these examples. Recently, Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, said new current sanctions restrict North Korea´s trade of coal and other fuel in order to stop Kim Jong–un’s nuclear program funds, which hasn’t worked. US government recognized “the president (Trump) is clearly frustrated and rightly over the efforts to cut the money off from the North Korean nuclear program, which haven’t succeed”. The number of sanctions since 2005 has increased to 450. Still, America´s Government wants to know from where and how Kim Jon–un obtains the resources to develop the nuclear program.Mnuchin stated several pictures were took in December 2017, of a ship transferring fuel and other products destined for North Korea in an attempt to evade sanctions.

However, US sanctions affect North Korea people; the restrictions cause poverty and lack of everyday-use products North Koreans need because their government prioritizes the Nuclear Program over the people’s welfare. China and Russia mocked US efforts and also disagreed with United Nations about the use of economic restrictions. Anonymous sources revealed that Chinese banks and ghost enterprises transfer money to North Korea.

Kim Jong-un’s Government keeps on carrying evasive maritime activities. For that reason, US experts are working on legal arguments to stop any sea support to North Korea. One of the proposals is to inspect suspicious ships in high seas or in territorial waters without provoking sea confrontations. Any pretext, with the tighten relationships between both countries, can unleash war. Some outlets reported the United States Treasury Department does not rule out boarding ships for inspections. However, military sources said the ship boarding inside North Korea’s waters will be performed with utmost caution when the situation requires it, and they will use Coast Guard ships because they are less intimidating than warships. Nevertheless, Lieutenant Commander Dave French said that “future ship deployments would depend on US foreign policy objectives and the operational availability of our assets.”

It´s true that North Korea has a dangerous nuclear weapon program that could hit American territory, despite several military experts said that they are far from getting it. But new nuclear missiles are unexpectedly launched so the truth about the missiles’ reach is uncertain, just speculative. Last year dozens of missiles were launched and the sixth and largest nuclear test was performed. In addition, Kim Jong-un replied to Donald Trump threads saying they could hit Guam Island. Two months have passed since North Korea’s last missile test and it seems that the Asian government wants a dialogue to distend the conflict but the US president, instead of paying attention to home troubles, is provoking other wars that could bring a real disaster not only to America´s economy but also to American people. Also, US are involved in other conflicts that are never ending stories: Afghanistan, Syria, Irak and so on.