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Friday, March 9, 2018

It will be she who has the truth

Por mayli2017

A few days ago, Anastasia Vashukévich posted a video on the Internet stating that she could offer evidence of Moscow's electoral meddling and connections between Russian people, Trump and Manafort. Known also by Ribka, she signed a letter asking for international help asking for political asylum in the United States and protection as soon as possible because she has important information for the government that puts her life at serious risk.

The statements of the escort support the speculation about the connection between Manafort and the mogul Deripaska since both have done business in the past. According to data provided by the Times, several companies controlled by Manafort have owed millions to the Russian businessman.

Her name is Anastasia Vashukévich. A young Belarusian, enigmatic character, who also uses the name of Nastia Ribka. Known for being a woman of escort close to Russian oligarchs, who hangs "intense" photographs on social networks. It is also known to spread alleged evidence of closeness between the Kremlin and magnates that have been exploited by the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalni.

Arrested in Thailand for an irregularity in his visa after participating in a congress on sexual issues and determined to explore a hypothetical exit, Ribka claims to have compromising information about the alleged Russian electoral interference in the US elections of 2016, which sought to help Trump to get to the presidency.

The young woman has sought asylum from Washington in exchange for sharing data with investigators. She says she has more than 16 hours of recordings, but for now, the US diplomacy has not ruled on his request. The special prosecutor Robert Mueller, leader of the investigation, tries to reach a determination as to whether Trump could coordinate with the interference of Moscow, which consisted in the theft of information and the dissemination of propaganda.

Really, Ribka comes to create disturbance and to put in between if he is right in having under his possession the presumed proofs or if only he seeks protagonism. However, there is no doubt that she can apparently be a person of interest given his closeness to Russian oligarchs with ties in the US, especially Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign manager.

The center of the problem revolves around billionaire Oleg Deripaska and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prijodko. Navalny, an opponent of both, unveiled an investigative video, in which the oligarch is accused of bribing the politician and in which they are seen talking about relations between Washington and Moscow.

The video is nourished by images of Ribka, to which the opponent figured as a prostitute, taken during a trip he took on a cruise in Norway, in August 2016 with Deripaska and Prijodko. For his part, the girl claims to have recordings of conversations on those same dates when the oligarch speaks with other people in the presidential elections in the US, which were held three months later. In declarations to the newspaper The New York Times in Bangkok the escort affirms that Deripaska had a plan on the elections. She also states that some of the interlocutors were English-speaking people although they seemed Americans. The woman also threatened to offer all the information gathered if America gave her protection.