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Thursday, March 29, 2018

She has a thousand reasons to live

Por sumily

She says that one of the most important lessons her marriage left him is that love is not the fault of anything. At 62, Ednita Nazario is open to fall in love again. To say of the singer-songwriter one can not blame the love when the relationship did not work because each relationship is a separate world.

The artist works hard in her career. The "Heart Decide" phonogram was from the CDs became a hit on sale with iconic songs like "The Strongest", "Not me", "This is life without you", "Cry for you" and " Start living. "

After that, he presents his first book, an autobiography entitled "One Life" and in April of 2017 he released his new studio album also entitled "One Life", from which the simple ones " You were one more" and " It does not hurt so much anymore "

If you have spent more than two decades with a person, divorce is a time of mourning. Ednita Nazario says that this is a moment of peace in her life ... and a lot of work! In fact, she arrives in Miami to present his tour "One Life" at the Fillmore in Miami Beach. Happy to be in Miami, where they have always treated her with a lot of love. And although she has recently given the news of her divorce, she considers herself a woman who accumulates experiences and has learned to live one day at a time.

The interpreter of songs like "You without me" and "I will learn" says that the best therapy to overcome the anguish left by Hurricane Irma, was to take action. He was supporting from the first day, not only all the compañeros who were sending immediate help, he also went to Puerto Rico to make deliveries and visits he met with the leaders of the communities and came to the mountain to give encouragement and bring water and medicines.

And it is valid to clarify that before a misfortune of such magnitude, she prefers to leave the cameras outside. He likes to do things quietly; God knows that is enough. But neither criticizes the comrades who did it by taking cameras or placing everything they did in the media and on social networks, because that helped all the people see what was happening and motivating them to help. Everyone does what they can, and how can or feels better.

When referring to the recovery of his beloved country, Nazario affirms that it is in a phase of reinvention, of redesign. Puerto Rico is no longer in need of both repairing its structure and reinventing it. There are things that can not be rebuilt as they were before because they already realized that they were not working. They are coming out of shock, we have never experienced a disaster like Irma before.

In the same way, the interpreter indicates that her country is already standing, although there were moments of great pain and chaos, movements have arisen spontaneously between people to help each other and that show the best human side.As for his personal life, he has shown his best side by announcing his divorce from Luis Bonnet, after 25 years of marriage. Nazario affirms that both scammed that determination with the absolute certainty that they did the right thing with a lot of respect and dignity. They have saved friendship, a relationship that wants it to last forever.