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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Stones will become new guns at US´s school district

Por qubano22005

What is happening in the United States with guns possession and schools’ shooting is something already painful, on which the government must urgently and quickly reflectin order to stop the increasing wave of incidents with firearms in educational institutions. Most of the acts are neither perpetrated by terrorists of Al-Qaeda or ISIS nor by Russians or Iranians.

A large number of these incidents, unfortunately, has been carried out by American teenagers. However, President Donald Trump, far from seeking a viable and tangible solution to the crisis of violence, focuses on such absurd things as arming teachers with guns to better "defend" schools.

To the initiative of the protests throughout the country to raise awareness among students and teachers as well as to civil society as a whole on the need for greater control and restrictions on the sale and possession of guns, other unbridled measures are proposed as a result of the desperation that currently exists in the United States' schools. In Pennsylvania, a school district stores stones to avoid a possible shooting in some school sector. The question is what to do to avoid it.

On the other hand, it seems more an initiative of the Palestinian Intifada, and although it seems hilarious, the fact is that it causes consternation because of the visible signs of the incompetence of the administration that far from worrying about the safety of American children and adolescents, it is more concerned about the construction of a border wall and the benefits that it can bring. The district superintendent and responsible for that area, David Helsel, announced the initiative the Education Committee.

According to Helsel, each classroom in the Blue Mountain district will have a 19-liter bucket full of stones. The District superintendent said that without doubts this plan will keep students safe and indicated, during an interview with the press that is one of the actions to take place within a massive security plan in the district schools. Another initiative has been that students and staff have received ALICE training, a program that seeks effectively and in a few steps to provide a solution and rapid response to conflicts that may occur in a school. The acronym stands for alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.

According to David Hansel, the use the stones will be part of the methods to undermine any conflict in the school. One of the students praised the proposal, saying stones will be more effective than pencils and notebooks. On the other hand, a parent commented it is one more option although one could also think that better than using stones the president's option is the most effective one. Hence, many describe this measure as something absurd and that does not meet the real needs of the country to try to eliminate shootings in schools.

Parkland City incident has been the most reported shooting by the media and since its happening, a huge movement of students and professors have come together to protest against the government and denounce NRA, one of those responsible of not stopping to the guns’ possession.

The Constitution of the United States of America endorses the possession of fire guns as a right of each citizen.