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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The reasons are clear, what more do you expect?

Por mayli2017

Speaking to AFP, New York attorney and former federal prosecutor Michael Weinstein, a person who has no relationship with Harvey, said he is surprised that nothing happened and said that the doubts of Time's Up are timely. At the same time, he considered it feasible for the prosecutor to assess that he still does not have enough evidence against Weinstein, taking into account that Vance would face in court one of the best defense lawyers in New York, Benjamin Brafman.

For his part, Brafman got the process to be dismantled against the former director of the IMF, the Frenchman Dominique Strauss-Kahn, accused of sexual assault at the Sofitel in Manhattan in 2011. To say of Michael Weinstein when one has in front of a very good and astute defense attorney, really one tries to do everything as it should.

Free of criminal lawsuits, six months after being reported for harassment, sexual assault by a hundred women, the powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein remains unpunished. Now a terrible pressure falls on the Manhattan prosecutor because justice is done. The New York state prosecutor announced that he would conduct a full and fair examination of the reasons why Manhattan prosecutor Cyrus Vance has not indicted Weinstein.

In this case, the official is pressured by the Time's Up movement against sexual harassment at work, born of the scandal and the complaints grouped under the #MeToo label. Harvey Weinstein was removed, since the publication on October 5 of the first complaints against him, of any function in front of the production company that bears his surname. There are police investigations against him in Los Angeles, New York, and London and he faces multiple civil suits that could leave him bankrupt.

On the other hand, its producer declared bankruptcy on Monday night and, in turn, announced the end of confidentiality agreements that imputed silence to the victims and witnesses of Weinstein's sexual abuse. The assets as the debts of the company, in which Harvey Weinstein with his brother Robert holds 42% of the shares, are estimated in the range of 500 million to 1,000 million dollars. However, the 66-year-old producer, who has not been public since October 2017, is not the target of any formal accusation.

According to the press and statements of his spokesmen, he continues treatment for sex addicts in a luxurious clinic in Arizona. In the midst of all the situation that has arisen, Weinstein called for an investigation to verify the "integrity" of the Manhattan prosecutor and to "restore confidence" in his office. Time's Up alluded to the case of the Italian model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, who, having the police a compromising audio recording and convinced that they had a solid case, did not give rise to any accusation by the Manhattan prosecutor in 2015.

The movement was also particularly disturbed by press reports indicating that Vance may have succumbed to pressure from Weinstein's team of lawyers.For his part, a spokesman for the prosecutor, Danny Frost, nevertheless rejected these suspicions. According to Frost, the idea that their office could back away from the suggestion of prosecuting a powerful man is challenged by the work they perform daily and the success that precedes them in defending victims of sexual assault.