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Thursday, April 12, 2018

American Students learn first aids

Por qubano22005

Education in the United States is taking unexpected turns. US teachers are concerned that beyond their duties and tasks as educators there is an increasingly pressing need to learn how to practice first aids. Kari Stafford, a sixth grade teacher, is convinced that from now on, beyond worrying about having the necessary teaching tools to improve learning in her students, she will have to gain first aid knowledge such as covering a wound with gauze and applying a tourniquet. The causes are getting clearer: American schools have become the favorite places for people with mental disorders to carry out mass killings.

And although this teacher does not like the idea, the multiple shootings that have occurred so far this year suggest that it will be necessary to spread all over America’s schools first aid knowledge. Well, since the government does not take measures on gun possessions and especially an effective way to protect students and teachers in schools, these aggressions will continue to happen. The lessons are part of the ALICE program (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) implemented in several schools in the United States.

At the facilities of Southeast Polk High School in Pleasant Hill, a rural area to the East of Des Moines, the capital of the state of Iowa, first aid workshops have been organized to respond ipso facto to an emerging situation like a shooting or someone wounded. Several teachers agree on the need to perform this humanitarian assistance. 

Figures released by the Department of Education stated that in the last five years about 125,000 teachers, counselors and administrative staff of schools have received instruction on how to stop bleeding. It is sad that in American schools, far from being the greatest concern, it is the promotion of safety measures and first aid. It is no secret to anyone that American schools are on a constant alert. It gives the impression that American institutions live in a state of perennial war. Even in some districts teachers have been armed to give an urgent response in the event of an act of violence with firearms. 

According to educational authorities in the country, the idea is to provide teachers and students with tools that allow them to care for the injured and gain time in what paramedics or law enforcement officers arrive. 

This initiative was created by Dr. Lenworth Jacobs of Hartford, Connecticut, who operated on several of the victims of the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which left 26 children and adults dead. At that time the doctor warned that this type of event would continue happening and so far he has not been wrong.

Jacobs' hypothesis is that several of the wounded could have been saved if someone had assisted them in time. According to the doctor, the police and the paramedics not always arrive on time, and by the time they do, the victims are in an irreversible state. Hence, his initiative has expanded to all 50 states. According to information from the Department of Education, Georgia is at the forefront and has already invested more than one million dollars on it.