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Friday, April 6, 2018

Coca-Cola bets on vegetable and organic beverages

Por Rory

Coca-Cola wants to become a Total Beverage Company in Spain. And in this way, the company is guided mainly by innovation, but also by the knowledge of the consumer. An increasingly healthy consumer, but with less time given the pace of modern life. Therefore, they have presented their new products, a foray into vegetable and organic drinks.

For the first time, Coca-Cola enters the market of organic drinks and vegetables. The company has presented two new ranges of beverages, one based on vegetables, with and without juice, which will be marketed under the name of AdeS (Seeds Food) and Honest, a range of teas and coffees made from products ecological. It has also announced that it adds a new brand to the supply of bottled water, Glacéau Smarwater.

With Honest and AdeS, Coca-Cola wants to lead the transformation of its business in Spain and be able to offer a wide range of beverages designed to satisfy each individual and occasion. With the consumer at the center of its strategy, Coca-Cola is committed to innovation and product diversification as the main level of growth in Spain, both in the categories in which it operates today and in the new ones in which enters.

In the first place, AdeS presents eight varieties of vegetable drinks that fuse the best of the seeds, 100% vegetable, lactose-free and without added sugars. For its part, Honest is a range of organic tea and coffee drinks ready to drink, with ecological certification and without preservatives or dyes. The coffees are launched in this way for the first time in Europe, although the teas were already working in some European countries and are a leading product in the United States. On the other hand, a drink with great weight in the Canary Islands comes to the Peninsula: Appletiser. It is 100% lightly carbonated apple juice with no added sugars. The last product launched by Coca-Cola is Glacéau Smarwater, spring water vaporized and destined with added electrolytes.

Coca-Cola has found a niche in the organic beverage sector, since the consumption of this type of products grew by 14% last year, according to "Myths and realities about the consumption of organic products" of Kantar Worldpanel and the Catalunya Foundation. Though all the products have been reformulated and varied to adapt to the Spanish consumer. With this movement, Coca-Cola aims to democratize organic and healthy products, both in price and accessibility.