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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dreamers can keep dreaming

Por qubano22005

Dreamers could have a break in the next few days in the state of Indiana as it is expected the validation of work licenses for them. The governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, has promulgated a law that voids the prohibition to obtain work licenses for young immigrants protected by DACA.

With this action, they invalid a federal law that prohibited the beneficiaries of the program from working in their original professions, according to Holcomb, one of the great obstacles that the dreamers had when it comes to getting work papers. The dreamers will be able to dream big when that law begins to be implemented since now some 70 professions are approved that previously were prohibited in their work licenses, as stipulated in an immigration law approved by Indiana in 2011.

The new Indiana's Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) Act will eliminate questions related to immigration status and will open up highly demanded professions ranging from cosmetology to nursing, real estate or architecture to migrants. So far, Indiana immigration law stipulated the presentation of US citizenship.

Several agencies estimate that some 9,000 DACA beneficiaries could work under the new regulations. Some of them who have completed their studies in the United States were prevented from practicing professionally even though their degree was valid and they were authorized to work in the country. The Indiana authorities reported that the initiative paradoxically came from a Republican state representative, Ed Clere, who considered a terrible and undemocratic message that those young people who finished their studies could not practice their professions.

It’s interesting that this happens when President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his interest in the eradication of the program created by Obama to protect the emigrants and determined a period of six months to end it completely. However, there is an increasing number of legislators who found legal gaps to protect migrants who have received DACA support in one way or other. Even Congress decided to postpone the legislative proposal of the president, something that has given encouragement and hope to the Dreamers.

Nevertheless, it was not for a long time because the current administration has been gaining ground to put an end to the program. In fact, Trump recently ended Central American Minors Refugee and Parole Program, which gave a Temporary Protected Status to children and adolescents and the chance of being safe at US. UN High Commissioner ZeidRa'ad al-Hussein has expressed his concern about how around 700,000 “Dreamers”, mostly young Hispanics, that probably lost their jobs.

Recently, President Donald Trump put an end to the program for citizens from Liberia and gave them only one year of benefits in the United States. Dreamers is the terminology used by the media to refer to people who are under the program created by the Obama’s administration. Many of them arrived at the United States when they were children and remained in the country after their visas expired. Although in other administrations undocumented immigrants have been deported, Trump has intensified the measures as well as the ICE with the desire to return to the countries of origin all those illegal.

In the coming months, Trump will try again to get rid of DACA with the approval of the Congress, which most of its members have not finally checkmate the program created by Obama, a fact that has made the president to change his mood and shared his dissatisfaction on Twitter. Although in hand Donald Trump considers that the DACA is responsible to a large extent for the excessive expenses of the State, on the other one there is the unavoidable reality that he is a xenophobic person and considers the emigrants as a plague that has invaded America. It’s remarkable what he said in one of his campaign speech: “all Mexicans arriving in the United States are rapists and drug addicts.’