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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Neymar keeps sending signals

Por Feco

The most outstanding football player of Brazil has stated that he expects to be discharged on May 17, four days before the beginning of the concentration of his team to prepare for the World Cup in Russia. There will be hardly any time left to participate in the last match of the PSG season, the last date of Ligue 1, set for May 19 in Caen.

The main objective of the visit that the Paris Saint-Germain directive did to Neymar Junior on March 13 was never fulfilled. President Nasser Al-Khelaifi, accompanied by sports director Antero Henrique and communication director Jean-Martial Ribes, met with the footballer at his Mangaratiba mansion to persuade him to stop the rumors that placed him outside the club. next season, which is why it was convenient, he was told, to return to Paris to complete the recovery of the fracture of the fifth metatarsal of the right foot. Neymar’s "no" was resounding. As if trying to avoid false expectations in their interlocutors, according to a high-ranking employee and an advisor to the French club.

The effect on their guests was devastating, published El País. Al-Khelaifi returned from the tour with a marked sense of defeat. Since then Neymar, 26 years old, has not only stay away from Paris. He has not stopped posting photos and challenging messages on social networks, boasting of his festive autonomy and his general indifference towards the company that pays him more than 40 million euros net per year.

The celebration of the title of Ligue 1, last Sunday, hardly dissipated the atmosphere of concern that weighs on the offices of the club, in Boulogne. "The only thing left to do to Neymar is to communicate that he wants to go", says a person linked to PSG for decades, an expert in the football industry and sure to clearly interpret the signal code sent by the star. This same source indicates that if Neymar wants to play in another team next season, he should leave the PSG before September 1, closing date of the summer market.

To do so, he will have no choice but to negotiate with the Al-Thani family, the rulers of Qatar, PSG owners and, by extension, the federation rights of the entire workforce. Until September 1, Neymar can only break his contract with the consent of PSG; as of that date there is a releasing clause. According to the sources of the club, this clause makes the termination of the contract cheaper insofar as the player does not obtain the sports results pursued. Both collective and individual.

The publication of the video that shows him dancing with his leg on his healthy foot, during the famous birthday of his sister, was the most graphic of a succession of signals that do not stop alarming the officials of the Parisian institution. The world champion Christophe Dugarry, director of Team Duga, one of the most popular programs of French football, on Radio Monte Carlo, took the lead: "Neymar spits the club; we should return him to Barça".

However, the environment of the sport places the Brazilian closer to Real Madrid than to Barcelona. What is evident so far is that Neymar seemed to have made a mistake when leaving the culés for a team with fewer possibilities from the collective and individual viewpoint. If he wants to continue showing off his potential, he better have a brilliant World Cup where can he can prove he is the aspiring king of football after Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.