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Monday, April 2, 2018

Trump proposed Putin to meet at the White House

Por Jade

US President Donald Trump has proposed to the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, in his last telephone conversation to meet at the White House, according to Yuri Ushakov, adviser to the head of the Kremlin. "When our presidents spoke (on the phone), Trump proposed (Putin) to meet for the first time in Washington, in the White House," Ushakov told reporters.

The Kremlin expressed confidence today that Washington does not withdraw the proposal raised in a conversation that took place on March 20, that is, before the recent expulsion of diplomats due to the "Skripal case".

Ushakov described as "interesting" and "positive" the idea, but added immediately that both leaders did not talk about specific dates or deadlines. In fact, he said that since the telephone conversation took place the Kremlin and the White House had not addressed any preparations for a "possible meeting."

The diplomat admitted that given the tension caused by the expulsion of diplomats and the closure of consulates, "of course, it is difficult to discuss the possibility of a summit." "Hopefully the situation allows us to do it. As we see it, it is something important and necessary for both parties and for the entire international community, "he said.

Following these statements, the White House downgraded the possibility of an imminent announcement about a meeting. Trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders recalled that, in that call, both leaders spoke of the possibility of holding a short-term meeting in "a number of potential venues, including the White House." "We have nothing more to add at this time," Sanders told reporters.

An invitation to the White House would be the endorsement dreamed by Putin, who has a close relationship with Trump but a confrontation with the rest of the US diplomatic apparatus. In that sense, a meeting in Washington would be controversial for Trump, who is being investigated in case he or his environment coordinated with Moscow's efforts to help him win the 2016 presidential election. Also, unlike his government, Trump rejects criticize Putin and has sometimes praised him.

Both presidents held their first meeting last July in Germany and met again in November at a summit in Vietnam. The last time Putin was in the White House was in 2005 when he met with the then president, Republican George W. Bush, at a time of greater proximity between the two countries.