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Thursday, May 10, 2018

A crazy helmsman for the future of mankind

Por qubano22005

The world is upside down. Once again the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, does how he pleases without caring about anything, or anyone. Europe is no longer a decision-maker in world politics, it simply obeys or tries to mediate Washington's orders and desires. Luckily, China and Russia are the only ones that always try to stop the unrestrained actions of the White House and confront the unilateralism of US foreign policy. The ultimatum given by Trump races the countries that signed the nuclear treaty with Iran. The political and economic implications will be overcome if the agreement is achieved.

Next May 12 Trump must make a decision. From the position adopted by the American leader, world events will be very different and we will have to be prepared for all kind of economic, political and military consequences.

So far, President Trump’s deadline to make a decision is on Saturday. The British are trying to arrange a meeting with American officials to appraise what their views are. Perhaps they want to try to get American politicians to persuade Donald Trump to stay on the Treaty, an agreement that has been beneficial, although the American president thinks otherwise. Therefore, it has given in his opinion, despite the fact that the leaders of France and Germany have tried to intercede and convince Trump about the achievements of the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action.

The president of the United States has American First on his mind. Under that banner everything that does not represent a direct benefit for the United States will be dismissed it. The United States does not care if Europe, Russia or China are satisfied, and Trump does not care because he considers his nation to be at a disadvantage. And what’s United States’ disadvantage? Well, just think that National Security is under threat.

Which are the threats to Trump?

First of all, the Islamic country will restart its nuclear program in 2025. For the United States -which wants Iranian oil- if that country resumes its nuclear development Iran would become a real threat. The Islamic country would be in a position of equality -militarily speaking. On the other hand, Iran has uranium mines, so reaching nuclear bombs and developing a powerful arsenal would be a matter of a few years. Hence, the Yankee president wants to put things under his control. Kim Darroch warned that Britain is trying to find common ground and handle the concerns of the American head of state so that he does not withdraw from the agreement.

In addition, Donald Trump is concerned about ballistic missile tests that, although not within the agreement, the United States fears that Tehran will use them to threaten peace and harmony in the Middle East. But the main concern lies in the threat it represents to the US main ally in the area: Israel.

The wishes of Trump and the leadership of America’s establishment are Israel to be the guarantor of the area and a gendarme to establish order within it.

Among the impositions of Donald Trump are to carry out surprise inspections on Iranian facilities. Paradoxically there are the international bodies that are already in charge of controlling and regulating of the compliance of the agreement set in 2015 under Obama's administration.

All of Iran's access to nuclear material is blocked by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which oversees even the country's uranium mines. The problem is that, and let’s remember, they want an inspection like the one they did in Iraq, an inspection so deep that country is still in ruins.

The warnings of other politicians have already been issued by all newspapers. Russia and China that are part of the agreement have called for sanity. Furthermore, Iranian President Hasan Ruhani warned that abandoning the nuclear agreement would be a "historical error". Ben Johnson, the British foreign minister, said it was foolish to break the agreement with Iran, despite its "weak spots".

Donald Trump is a contradictory man. On one hand, he wants to denuclearize North Korea, for which it may obtain the Nobel Prize, but on the other hand he is creating tensions in the Middle East, especially because Iran is a nation that does not bow to the Americans and the Israelis are not Iran’s cups of tea.

In the United States, the president of the Armed Services Commission of the House of Representatives also advised maintaining the agreement until a more viable solution is found for both parties.

As part of the agreement reached by Obama to curb Iran's nuclear development and lift economic sanctions on Iran, Tehran limited its uranium enrichment, reconfigured a heavy water reactor so that it could not produce plutonium and reduced its uranium stocks and its supply of centrifuges.