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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Cano, between solidarity and rejection

Por Feco

The Major League Baseball commissioner's office announced the suspension of star player Robinson Cano of the Seattle Mariners for violating baseball's anti-doping program. He will stop acquiring half of his salary of $ 24 million dollars this year. This means in exact figures, that Cano will lose a total of $ 11,851,852 for the 80 games.

After the suspension of Robinson Cano for testing positive for doping, several players have expressed their solidarity with the Dominican baseball player, one of them is the "Little Giant", José Altuve. Houston Astros second baseman said he has always seen Cano, the Seattle Mariners outfielder, as an example to follow. "Robinson is going through a difficult time and the right attitude is not to fall on him," Altuve told ESPN. "I cannot imagine how he feels and I ask God to give him peace and to be able to get out of this difficult moment." It is known that Cano was suspended 80 games and the sanction may affect Seattle hopes to obtain the ticket to Playoffs in the American League. The reaction to the suspension shook the Astros locker room, especially in social networks, after a tweet from Houston pitcher Justin Verlander, caused a strong reaction from fans. " Aaaand excuse coming in 3..... 2...... 1.........", wrote Verlander on Tuesday, just after the sanction was given to the Dominican baseball player. Although Verlander has not said whether the message has anything to do directly with Cano, so it was assumed by thousands of users.

But beyond the controversy, the Astros are focused on their own, including Verlander, who hit the record of 2,500 strikeouts in his career Wednesday night, in which he scored the eighth shutout of his career in a 2-0 victory over the Angels of Anaheim. Even if the pitcher found receptive comments on the controversial tweet, some went hard with him: “I'm assuming your talking about your and Charlie Morton sudden increase in velocity and spin rate. Go ahead we are listening”, and “It was a drug to help a medical ailment, technically not a performance-enhancing drug, do your research next time and maybe stick to ya day job”.

Reinaldo Pared, President of the Senate and the National Assembly of the Dominican Republic tweeted: “I deeply regret the situation that the prominent baseball player and friend @RobinsonCano is currently going through. I wish he could overcome this bad moment! My solidarity!”. Hence, many fans and specialists and important figures are taking the solidarity path in what concerns Robinson Cano. But not everything is that supportive: “The one who supports the wrong done is the same or worse than the one who does it ... the shadow of that trap will follow Cano throughout his life and the one who justifies it, the only thing that achieves is to motivate him to follow the culture of cheating in our players. Deception on the part of Canó to the country and followers.” What is your opinion on this matter?