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Monday, May 21, 2018

Migrants, according to Donnie

Por qubano22005

Trump once again has committed a public disclaimer saying what he thinks emigrants are for him. "You cannot believe how bad these people are, they are not even people, they are animals", said the president of the United States during the meeting with California representatives, and the Golden State openly opposes the president's policies against migrations. On the other hand, the US head of state has not ceased to be dissatisfied with the conversion of several cities into sanctuaries in California, and Trump's statement has led to the condemnation of several defenders of the rights of migrants, as well as politicians that do not tolerate this kind of language from a United States president.

Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate was one of the first to react by reminding a little of history to "Donny" who as always ignores the behavior of their ancestors. "When our ancestors came to America, they were not “animals”, and these people are not, either," the Democrat said on Twitter.

But it is not surprising that this kind of language has been used by Trump. His anti-immigrant policies, his demands on Immigration Customs Enforcement and, above all, the racist positions he has taken on Haitian emigrants, for instance, among countless other examples, have been during this time the thermometer to know how Donald Trump thinks and believes about those emigrants who are not European. For him they are less than scum.

Coincidentally Donald Trump's comments are made when a conference is held on the problems of Hispanic immigrants in the United States. During the same the assistance of the former Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, is expected.

Trump is not interested neither in the criteria of the society he administers nor what many politicians think about emigration and, of course, he does not listen to what the minorities say. The meeting in which leaders of the Republican Party gathered was arranged to force a nominal vote on four immigration proposals. The Republican leadership did not agree with the plan of the party's legislators, but Trump not only took the wrong step, but also expressed his racism and xenophobia verbally before the media. According to analysts, this fact may harm the Republican Party in the legislative elections.

However, the numbers of Trump’s flatterers does not stop increasing, who like famish dogs desire good positions because it is well known that the positions in the New Yorker’s cabinet last very little. Melisa Meléndez, an assembly member, publicly supported Donald Trump and even dared to affirm that all the measures taken by the president are popular and beneficial.

Melisa, like other Republican legislators, supports President Donald Trump who wants to dismantle the benefits of sanctuary cities. California is one of the states that sponsors sanctuary laws to protect its emigrant population and business owners who, if caught with illegal immigrant workers, must pay large sums of money.

Trump, who did not formally retract from the way he referred to migrants, thanked the support of the officials who have opposed the sanctuary cities. "They have resisted bravely the lethal and unconstitutional sanctuary laws of the state", he said.

Several Republican lawmakers have tried to find mechanisms to bury the measure of California’s Governor Jerry Brown, which prohibits police from asking people about their immigration status or collaborating with federal immigration agencies.

Trump has filed a lawsuit to reverse Brown's measure; so far, San Diego and Orange have backed it and have even proposed anti-sanctuary resolutions.

"They are sending rapists, criminals and drug addicts", Trump said during his campaign, referring to Mexicans. Trump’s administration has not made the difference; its vision position regarding emigrants has rather been reinforced. According to the New York billionaire, the measures to establish sanctuary cities allow "the liberation of illegal immigrants, drug dealers, gang members and violent predators in their communities". On the other hand, Brown responded that Trump "lies about immigration, lies in criminal matters and lies about the laws of California."

The president of the United States forgets that the last massacres occurred in the nation have not been originated precisely by emigrants, but by natives of “the land of Lincoln”. Donald also overlooks that many of the criminals are supremacists members of leading associations such as the National Rifle Association and several of them American-born.

But Mr. US President does not care about the news or the records that exist about crime in the United States. He wants to increase the number of deportees, a greater repression with the emigrants and punishment for those who enter the country illegally.

However, his claims to ICE and constant attacks on immigrant communities are dividing the waters within the United States. Even several of the politicians believe that the radical and extremist criteria the head of the nation has pronounced in recent months could be a risk for the legislative elections.