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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Quo vadis Neymar Jr.

Por qubano22005

I officially declare myself Neymar’s number-one fan, the Brazilian star that wherever he goes delights with the way he plays soccer, his personality and above all, the leadership and beauty of his game. But I know he will never reach the sky like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo did. No, it will never happen, and not because the ex-Santos member lacks talent but because his father's monetary ambitions that do not allow him to stabilize and settle in the clubs he has gone through. The player needs to acclimatize to his team, as well as accommodate them to the ball. They must adapt to the playing style of their respective clubs to be able to shine. Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. has made headlines again.

According to the French newspaper Libération, the father of the Brazilian soccer player is arranging details for Neymar’s departure of the Paris Saint-Germain in the next exchange market.

Neymar’s father, beyond seeing in his son a magnificent player, manipulates him and transfers him from team to the team as if he was an asset in the stock market. But time passes and as it does, Neymar will grow old and lose skills. The young man will be left with the tastelessness of being able to win several titles or at least be the main figure of the European clubs for which he has traveled to. Messi is Barça’s synecdoque while Cristiano is Real Madrid’s; and Neymar Jr. has not stopped being Santos’s, the club from São Paulo from where he started his career, but attention, Pelé’s Santos’ synecdoche so, quo vadis Veymar?

Everything seemed to indicate that the Brazilian team's ace would shine at the like Messi. The famous trident that he built along with Luisito and the Argentine star took him to the spotlight of the major sports media, but above all, tobe nominated to the greatest soccer awards.

But who can resist 222 million euros? No one can, and just when the Canarinha forward was about to start a harvest of good reviews and awards with Barça, his father moves him to another team. Maybe with Lio Messi he could never be the number one but indeed he would be the number one after Messi because Neymar was doing it right and Messi is a good teammate and relations with the Brazilian were optimal.

A club that owns Messi was the argument perhaps for the press that justified the departure of the player, perhaps even Neymar Jr. himself thought it too. But the true reasons are the economic ones. Neymar’s agent-father has been involved in suspicious handling in his son exchanging, and his love for euros is greater than the love for his son.

This jeopardizes Neymar's aspiration to jump to interstellar planes. Undoubtly the young man has cosmic dust but will not make soccer history as Lio, Cristiano, Pelé, Maradona, Iniesta, Raúl and many others. Neymar Sr. does not give Junior time to stabilize, acclimatize and make the club he goes his own. Lio has done it for more than 14 years in a Barça where he was born as a soccer player and has grown as forward, the club that today is really proud of his star.

Cristiano came to Real Madrid in 2009 after passing through Manchester United and now the Madrid fans do not imagine their club without him, as neither does Ronaldo without Madrid. That's the way it is, money does not matter, real sportsmen are athletes rather than mercenaries and that's what Neymar Jr.'s father does not understand.

Now the soccer world is curious about where the Brazilian will go. Some speculate that to the Merengue club, others think he will return to Barça, but nobody really knows.

Neymar Sr. is not pleased with the treatment that PSG has given his son. Since his arrival at PSG, Junior has had deep differences with Cavanni. What is worst, he lessoned months before the World Cup, and the truth is, nobody knows how much Neymar's daddy will ask. If PSG paid 222 million euros, will anyone pay more?

From now on, Neymar Sr. will not be trusted by any president or Club owner. No one is willing to pay for a player whose agent sells out to the highest bidder.

According to the French newspaper, the father of the ex-Santos player asked his son not to go to England or return to Barcelona. The option is Bayern, but the Germans will not pay more than 45 million euros for a player.

Only the Real Madrid club remains, but there is Cristiano, and he is not like Messi. Unlike the Argentine, the Portuguese have a hard time passing the ball, because if he does, he stops shining. Neymar’s biggest career injury is his father making his soccer decisions for him. The young star is dying and perhaps his merchant has not noticed. I dare to say that after this movement, only a change of character from the player himself and the change of agent would make possible for him to shine.

The current salary of Neymar is thirty million euros a year and his has become the most expensive signing in history. Neymar has played for Santos (2003), Club Barcelona (2013-2016) and Paris (2017). He has won the Brazilian Cup, the Super Cup of Spain, the Spanish League, the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Champions League, and has set several records.