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Friday, June 1, 2018

A horror love story by Maduro

Por qubano22005

Joshua Holt thought about getting married in Venezuela in 2016. What seemed to be a happy ending ended in a tragedy for the American citizen who was accused by the Chavistas authorities as the CIA's main spy in Latin America. After two years imprisoned he has been received by his family and President Donald Trump. Thanks to an unofficial channel both governments negotiated the release of the prisoner who thought to celebrate a honeymoon with his beloved Thamara Caleno and instead of a hotel, ended up staying in a Venezuelan "bloody jail" without proven charges. "Those two years were very difficult", Holt said when interviewed with the president of his country.

Joshua Holt and Thamara Caleno were welcomed by Holt’s family at Washington Dulles International Airport. Laurie and Jason Holt did not hide their tears of joy when they saw their son back home. Hours later, President Trump received him at the White House. In the welcome speech the US head of state said: "You've been through a lot, more than most people could endure."

Holt had met Thamara Caleno on Internet. The Venezuelan Mormon and he had decided to marry. The young man would go to meet his beloved in Caracas. For him it would be an incredible vacation, where he would meet the girl’s family and also improve his Spanish. However, what could have been an incredible holiday became a bitter and long story.

The young couple waited for Caleno's visa to travel to the United States. As the hours and waiting days passed, official forces broke into a housing complex belonging to the ruling party and arrested both. Without making a preliminary trial, the American was taken to prison. Among the alleged charges were stored an assault rifle and grenades.

What seemed like a love story was becoming a terror and suspense one. Every day Holt's chances of getting out of prison were further away. But, if May 20 was a black day for Venezuelan opposition, for Joshua it was the light at the end of the tunnel. Maduro's need for the United States to recognize the elections led him to a humanitarian gesture, to appease the tension between Washington and his government.

Alfredo Romero, an opposition lawyer considers that Maduro was trying to win some political sectors in the United States to soften the economic attack and sanctions of the Americans.

However, other sources reveal that in reality Holt’s release was due to the close relationship of Senator Bob Corker with Nicolás Maduro, a friendship of more than 15 years initiated during the Chávez administration until today. Some sources state that a Corker adviser and advisers close to Maduro began secret talks to secure Holt's freedom.

Others argue that the talks were encouraged by Pompeo who gave his support to Corker at the Senate. Pompeo said that the US government was committed to the citizen of its country.

On the other hand, it is speculated that the government of Cuba also helped pressure Maduro, as well as the former president of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, although both participations in the dialogue for the release of Holt are not been yet confirmed.

In addition to the joy of being at home, Holt's family thanked President Donald Trump. They also extended their gratitude to Maduro’s administration, which considered Holt’s liberation as a gesture of goodwill to promote dialogue and mutual respect between two antagonistic governments