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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Will Cristiano leave?

Por MRod

The farewell of Zidane after the euphoria in Madrid for the conquest of the 13th Champions, put out for a time the lamentable statements of Cristiano Ronaldo at a time that was supposed to be epic. But life goes on in the white club and the speculations about the future of CR7 are regaining strength.

Cristiano Ronaldo is with the Portuguese national team and remains silent about his future; but the Portuguese newspaper Record says on its cover today that the striker has made the decision to leave Real Madrid this summer. A decision, according to the same newspaper, "irreversible" and motivated "by the breach of promises" that Florentino Pérez would have made in recent times. According to Record, Cristiano's problem with Real Madrid is not of money but of "recognition" and indicates as possible destinations France, England and Italy.

We all know that it is not the first time that a Portuguese newspaper announces on its cover that Cristiano wants to leave. Last year, just before the Confederations Cup began, the newspaper A Bola published that the striker had made the decision to leave Madrid and Spain because he felt ill-treated. Cristiano did not go anywhere and at no time told the club his intention to leave. His representative, Jorge Mendes, began to track the market, but no offers came to the offices at Bernabéu. Nor have they arrived these days.

After the final in Kiev, Cristiano spoke about Madrid in the past. "It was very nice to be in Madrid," he said. It sounded like goodbye and when asked if it was a goodbye he said that in the following days he would give an answer to the fans. His statements unleashed an earthquake. The next day, the Portuguese retreated in the institutional celebrations. He said goodbye to the fans saying: "until the next season", while his classmates sang: "Cristiano, stay." "Thank you very much, this is very important to me. I am very comfortable with your passion, with these players and technicians who give me reasons to be better every day. What I like most is to win, with these players it is impossible not to win the Champions," the Portuguese said at the Bernabéu party. Cristiano, who is 33 years old, extended his contract until 2021 in the fall of 2017 with a salary increase of 18 million to 23. The Portuguese claim another to approach Messi and Neymar who charge 40 and 30 respectively.

The truth is that no matter if the player says this is not an economic matter, the constant change of moods, and the feeling of not being loved as he needs to, is bothering more than a few. Cristiano is not satisfied with the records conquered, and in that way he always pushes himself to be better and outstand, perhaps he is demanding the same devotion Barcelona gives Messi not only in pocket terms.