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Monday, July 16, 2018

A second chance that ends at the altar

Por Rory

The name of Hailey Baldwin has jumped in record time to the media arena, especially outside her country, United States, thanks to a story that, in a matter of hours, has gone around the world. The young woman, who turns 22 on November 22, will be the future wife of singer Justin Bieber, who a few months ago shared kisses and smiles with one of his eternal ex: Selena Gomez.

And is that the Canadian singer has a tendency to repeat with his ex-partners. To the famous comings and goings with Gómez, now it is necessary to join him, with drum roll included, the most mediatic return, that of a Hailey Baldwin with whom he already dated in 2016 and who now appears again in the life of the singer for, according to Bieber himself announced, becoming his wife in the coming months in which, without doubt, will be one of the most followed ceremonies in the world 'celeb'.

The full name of Justin Bieber's future wife is Hailey Rhode Baldwin, born in 1996, and a recurring face on American television. The young woman, who is also a well-known model, is accustomed to flashes and television cameras since her short career has to be combined with the experience gained thanks to her family of artists. Hailey is the daughter of the actor Stephen Baldwin, niece of the also interpreter Alec Baldwin and granddaughter, on the part of mother, of the Brazilian musician Eumir Deodato.

Her cousin Ireland, daughter of Alec and Kim Basinger, is also a model. Her media context and the pressure that the press began to follow in her footsteps as her popularity increased, forced her to leave school and start teaching at home. Her father Stephen is married to Kennya Baldwin, a Brazilian graphic artist since 1990. Together they had two daughters, Alaia and Hailey, who spent their childhood in New Jersey. Her older sister of 25 years is also a model, although she has achieved a much greater popularity. And that fame came at the beginning in other ways and thanks, mainly, to the friendship with the sagas Hadid, Kardashian or Jenner (Kendall is her best friend), with whom she was seen recurrently shopping or at night partying.

A media attention that has gone well to set her professional foundations for which she also had the invaluable help of her courtship with Bieber two years ago. Their relationship lasted only two months, but it got the attention it needed, especially in her country. Of course, the road was not easy. The B side of fame, the pressure of the media, returned to pass bill her as in her high school years, so Hailey was forced to close her Instagram account for a season. It was not very long, and now the model continues to explain her life through this social network in which she has more than 13 million followers and has become an authentic 'it girl'. And that her first professional goal was to become a professional ballet dancer, although a foot injury during one of her workouts truncated her plans, so she changed her point of view and focused on the world of fashion. Her first campaign as a model was with the British firm French Connection, in the winter of 2014. That year was prolific for Baldwin, who was photographed for different magazines such as Vogue or Marie Claire. Her popularity was increasing and she worked for names such as Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana or Tommy Hilfiger.

The girl appeared on television for the first time in 2005, when she was only 9 years old. It was not a 'talent show', but in the documentary 'Livin It: Unusual Suspects', where she appeared with her family. Four years later, she also made a cameo on Saturday Night Live. Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have known each other for years. Their first meeting was in 2009, at a premiere film, and from there they became friends until they had a first sentimental opportunity in 2016 that lasted little more than a sigh. In recent months, the young model was dating singer Shawn Mendes, with whom she attended the last MET gala.

The photos between them have disappeared from her Instagram. Her break coincided with the umpteenth blow between Bieber and Selena Gomez, at a time when both began to exchange messages through their social networks and feed the first rumors of a relationship that ended up confirming with a photo of them walking through New York. The next step is already known by all: ring of commitments and rain of congratulations for a couple accustomed to having a life of vertigo and for which a lasting forecast would be, today, an authentic temerity.