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Friday, July 6, 2018

Anyone can be a gunman

Por qubano22005

It is almost erasing in time and perhaps few remember the commotion that during a month caused the commotion of the massacre in the town of Parkland, Florida. Now, after almost 5 months of the tragic events that ended with the lives of 17 people, what happened in Parkland is revived. A 2012 survey revealed that 48 Florida public employees erred during the granting of concealed weapon possession permits and other related licenses.

According to the report, several of these employees made mistakes and they neither stopped to study the applications and ended up granting the permits to the most dissimilar people. Putnam also reported that new measures have been taken to prevent the bad work of employees of the Office of Agriculture and Services return to indirectly impact on violent events such as those in Parkland.

Department commissioner Adam Putnam, candidate for governor, has received all the criticism due to negligence that adds to the mistakes made during the period 2016-17, which is estimated to had impacted the killing of students at Parkland´s school.

The campaign team has already gone quickly to the defensive of the candidate for governor and his spokeswoman informed the media that the problems discovered belonged to a previous administration. And although this is true, Putnam acknowledged that between 2016-2017 errors occurred and had to admit the recent revocation of 291 permits granted in that period. He also admitted that an employee was fired for bad work. The employee never verified correctly the data offered by applicants. According to Putnam, the worker did not do the verifications correctly according to the stipulations of federal laws.

Precisely, after the shooting in Florida, the debate on the authorize to carry weapons and the vigency or not of the Second Amendment were widely debated in the media and by public opinion. However, after several weeks of heated debates, the issue has almost completely disappeared.

Gun controls one of the most debated issues in the Congress and every year main cause of heated discussions. Although Trump accused Democrats for doing nothing when they could. According to a Gun Violence Archive study, up to date, more than 1 900 people have died bullet-gunned in 2018. Other alarming figures are: the daily average of people armed-killed in the United States is 96; of which 7 are children or teenagers, and an average of 13,000 people die due to gun's homicides. And like if it is not enough, the 42 percent of civilians with arms in the world belongs to Americans.

"Adam Putnam has proactively led efforts to force government officials to account and took action to remedy this issue that began before his election," said Meredith Beatrice, spokesman for the office.

Adam Putnam is a staunch defender of the right to bear arms, something that has served to his opponent of candidacy Ron DeSantis, who disputes the republican candidacy to Putnam, to attack the director of the office of Agriculture and Services.

Brad Herold, DeSantis campaign director, told the press that the revelations are "another example of what happens when you appoint career politicians to executive positions." With these statements, Herold called Putnam inept, whom he accuses of not doing his job efficiently in front of the position he occupies due to the campaign work in which he has been focused in recent times.

Among the multiple irregularities that have come to light was the granting of a permit of "Security Guard" granted to an ex-convict in 2012. Similar events occurred since 2008, but no measures had been taken, until in 2012 the Inspector General of the Department decided to initiate an investigation.

Around 35 permits had been granted without relevant investigation of the data offered. A fact of which you can seize the president Donald Trump and the NRA claiming that the procedure is not wrong, but the execution of it.

One of the claims of citizenship is greater control. Many consider that the hardening of the laws for obtaining firearms will not exist as the government and especially the Republican Party have strong links with the lobby of the National Rifle Association.

This last revealed report shows that the bureaucracy is useless if the employees do not comply with the provisions of the letter and let the documents "pass" without reading them previously.

In order to have an idea of the serious error that employees of the office were committing, it was explained that the error rate ranged from some who committed a single one after reviewing 2,219 applications to a woman dismissed for approving 3,625 requests without due inquiry, among they 99 requests for concealed weapons.

For several years in the United States, there have been protests in favor of greater restrictions on the sale of arms. Among the measures there will be the confiscation of firearms by judicial order, a measure that has been acclaimed again and again because several of the events that occurred involved people with mental problems. It is also being requested to increase the legal age for the fire guns’ possession, particularly, the legal background check, as well as the creation of a national database that records the background of those who are going to buy guns. The massacre carried out by Nikolas Cruz in Parkland has caused many legislators to agree on the review of the mental state of the buyers.

After the Parkland massacre the United States will not be the same country, or at least, its citizens will question more about the possession and control of guns. The public debate has deepened, as well as the divisions between defenders and opponents of issue. The marches that have taken place in several parts of the nation, crying out for taking more severe measures to reduce such acts, are joined by the demonstrations of those defenders of the Second Amendment who consider it an indispensable part of the Americans’ life and the National Association of Rifle the defense banner of that right.