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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

SuperTrump attacks the "evil" Persians

Por dbloggers

The path that Donald Trump's follies will take is always unknown or at least how they will affect the global economy, and its European partners and other allies. But it is true that every step taken to isolate Iran, is one step of rapprochement given by the Islamic country to Russia and China. The renewed sanctions imposed by the White House government and for which it was set a deadline that must begin to be fulfilled, seek a radical change of regime, although Washington argues that it is due to Iran's attitude towards terrorism, of which it has become the biggest sponsor.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the renewed sanctions on Iran will be rigorously enforced and will be maintained until the Islamic Republic's government changes course.

The sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran that came into force this week, seek to economically drown the country or at least create discontent among the people so that the popular revolts or the so-called soft coup encourage a change of government, or simply to sensitize the world community and so they, like Superman, go to the rescue of the Persian nation.

It will look like a story from DC Comics or Marvel, but it is not. Washington has for years used that modus operandi, inherited from the Cold War and set in motion against several communist "dictatorships" with very good results. Cuba, for example, was one of the first nations to which they imposed an economic embargo that still continues today and that still affects the Caribbean economy. The same they wanted to do with North Korea, similarly with Venezuela and now Iran. The recipe or formula is very simple: Economic pressure to provoke popular tension.

And they may be very successful but they have not succeeded in Cuba, nor have they achieved much in Venezuela. Will they do it with Iran? It is no probably, unlike the aforementioned nations, the Persian country has a strong religious faith, which in the figure of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei find the greatest representative of God. Beyond the ideology: communist, socialist or chavista that can prevail in Cuba or Venezuela, Iran possesses the fear of Allah and therefore betraying the Ayatollah is betraying Allah, so a soft blow is very difficult to move the foundations of the Iranian state.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo himself recognizes that sanctions are an important pillar in Washington's policy towards Tehran. "We hope we can find a way forward but that will require a huge change on the part of the Iranian regime". "They have to behave like a normal country. That is the task. It's quite simple", said Pompeo.

What does the Secretary of State refer to? He just want the country of the Middle East again behave as a lackey and as servile as it was before the Islamic Revolution. A normal country? Yes, of course, a country that will lower its head to Israel and stop being a champion and the pride of the Islamists, with a self-sufficient economy that has reduced poverty to 8%, becoming the third most powerful nation in the world.

According to the multinational Telesur, Iran has a stronger army andeducation than countries such as Spain and Italy. This is not normal!At least for the retarded Trump who does not accept the reality of acountry independent of the United States.

Nevertheless, apparently the Trump administration calculates the greatpossibilities of failure that it will have and for that reason it hasleft a door open, when referring that they are willing to lookbeyond the sanctions.

The new restrictions on Iranian trade will affect the automobile andmetallurgical sector, including gold mining. On the other hand,Iranian products such as carpets and pistachios will be affected. Thebad news for Washington is that countries like Venezuela haveagreements with Iran on car trade. In addition, nations likeRussia and China occupy more than 20 percent of Iranian exports, whileIndia said it will not close trade with Tehran, therefore, thePersians will continue to breathe economically, with difficulty, butthey will.

Who do Americans affect the most? To begin with, Washington revokedthe licenses that allowed Iran to buy US and European aircraft. Largecompanies like Airbus and Boeing will not be able to make theirdeliveries, but neither will they be able to continue selling to theIranians who wanted an almost total renewal of their airline. The badnews is not then for Iran, but for American and European businessmen

.Even the famous French aircraft producer ATR is pushing the Trumpgovernment to continue the agreement with Iran to deliver planes.In December 2016, Airbus Group signed an agreement with Iran'snational airline, IranAir, to sell 100 aircraft for around $ 19billion. Boeing later reached an agreement with IranAir to sell 80aircraft for about $ 17,000 million, promising deliveries from 2017until 2025. Boeing also signed an agreement with the Iranian AsemanAirlines for 30 aircraft for $ 3,000 million. However, Iraniantransactions will not reach the accounts of US companies due to Trump's pressure.

From airplanes to oil fields, billions of dollars will be lost byinternational corporations. No matter where they are located,virtually all multinationals that have banking operations andtransactions in the United States will be harmed if they madecontracts after the 2015 agreement.

On the other hand, the punishments directed at the oil sector and theIranian central bank will be reimposed on November 4. Iran's oil salesare a crucial source of foreign currency. But China only imports morethan 19% of Iranian crude, as does India that consumes part of Persianoil.

Can SuperTrump subvert the Iranian regime? Let's seeif the evil Ali Khamenei and Rohani can be defeated by the "champion"of democracy and human rights that has held in cells thousands ofmigrant children and catalogs migrants as plague and invaders.