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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

House of Cards in the White House?

Por dbloggers

In a long history of spies, criminals and terrorists, all about Trump, Mueller and Putin have recently become news. It is not the holy trinity, nor a saga of the purest HBO or FOX style but the events in full development that take place every day in the corridors of the White House and the Kremlin that reveal a lot of tension. The Democrats have been in charge of trying to demonstrate the possible collusion of Russia in the 2016 election. Paul Ryan, president of the House of Representatives, in a statement announced that indeed the Russians broke American democracy. "There is no doubt that Russia interfered in our elections and that it continues its attempts to undermine democracy here and around the world", Ryan said.

The story has gotten more complicated since the capture of the supposed Russian spy Mariia Butina, who had very close ties with institutions and Republican politicians. But above all, it is quite striking that the Russian agent works for Alexander Torshin who is a bank executive. Doubts surround President Donald Trump even more if his son-in-law Jared Kusnher hid the meetings he hold with the Russian banker Sergey Gorkov, owner of Vnesheconombank.

Is not that a curious thing? Perhaps, but not an undeniable fact if we bear in mind that President Donald Trump is a billionaire businessman who has close ties with financial entities. It is logical that his Democrat enemies think that he owes a lot to the Russians, and maybe he did not but water is up to Jared´s and he had to go to two or three "lenders" to get an economic breathe.

Mueller´s team and the FBI consider that "Putin and the Russian government aspired to help President-elect Trump's election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him."

In addition there is the suspicion of a communication between the members of Trump´s campaign team and the Russians. Apparently the ultranationalist but very experienced in political issues and lobbying Roger Stone Jr. has been involved, yet the FBI responsibles to reveal and compile the information have failed to verify the effective communication of Stone with the Russians.

In this Russian plot in which Trump, Putin and Mueller are the main characters, social networks and Russian hackers also have a leading role. According to FBI reports and press cables, it is suspected that several of the agents involved in the electoral collusion of 2016, and some of the other defendants, have operated through social networks and computer media to interfere in the balance of the 2016 elections. The last accused ones by the Special Counsel belong to an organization called GRU and also known as Main Directorate.

Even the intelligence agencies of the United States warn that Russians work with people who can spread information including connoted websites such as WikiLeaks.

The last accused persons by the Special Counsel were identified a year ago and, according to the federal files shown, since April 2016 they began their collusion work by spreading files through false identities and people connected to networks such as DC Leaks and Guccifer 2.0. According to the FBI tens of thousands of stolen documents were released in stages that wreaked havoc on the Democratic Party throughout much of the election season.

Democrats have tried in every way to show that Moscow is pulling the political strings of the White House and American political institutions, either through e-mails or electoral institutions. A US policy expert said "this shows that the Russian campaign for the election was more coordinated and strategic than some have given it credit."

However, despite all the events and files revealed by the intelligence services of the United States - largely criticized by the US president - Trump maintains a favorable speech regarding Putin and Moscow, a fact widely criticized by the Democrats and some coreligionists that accuse him of traitor.

The last meeting of Trump with Putin raised the diatribe of statements between detractors and followers of the American president. Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader, commented "it is not only the finding of the US intelligence community but also of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives. The president must understand that Russia is not our ally". On the other hand the governor answered: "I do not think you'll have any, 'Gee, I did it, you got me,'". I have added that there would not be any "Perry Mason".

He has even come to insure that it is all part of a conspiracy by the Democrats to boost suspicion and a witch hunt against him and the members of his cabinet. While political intrigues bring the corridors of the West Wing and the Kremlin upside down, important issues of international politics are still hanging over the decisions of President Donald Trump who is struggling between getting closer to Russia and fighting Robert S. Mueller III, the Special Counsel, and some of his allies that wants undermine Mr. Trump's administration and rapprochement with Russia.