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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Omarosa Multimedia Treasure

Por dbloggers

"They will not intimidate me, Donald Trump will not intimidate me", Omarosa Manigault Newman recently said in an interview with The Associated Press, in an attempt to unmask capo Donald Trump and mitigate the threats of the president, who has been coercing her using his campaign team’s members. Manigault Newman does not fear the men of the president and clarified in the interview that she will continue to publish fragments of evidence if the harassment continues and the collaborators of "Donny" discredit her book "Unhinged". According to Manigault Newman, she possesses a multimedia treasure that several media would like to have, which would be the end of the administration of the current tenant of the White House.

In addition to audio recordings, Omarosa Manigault Newman has a collection of videos, emails, text messages and other documents that support the statements made on her book, a volume she tells about the years she collaborated in the West Wing before being fired.

"I have a significant amount - in fact, it's a treasure of multimedia backing for everything that is not only in “Unhinged” but for everything I say about Donald Trump", Manigault Newman told PBS. Previously, the former advisor warned in CBS news that she has more audios and even suggested that Trump was recorded saying racial insults. The former employee said that those close to Trump offered her a job, to silence her, after being fired from the White House.

Among the recordings released by the former White House counselor there is the one about Lara Trump, wife of Eric Trump, who offered to pay her $ 15,000 a month in exchange for her silence. On the other hand, Lara Trump admitted the veracity of the audios, but she said Omarosa was betraying her.

Among the arguments held by Trump to denigrate Omarosa’s truthfulness there is precisely the resentment of the former employee. According to Trump, the former official is dissatisfied and tries to take advantage of false attacks on her person. According to the president, Manigault Newman is a person of "low morals", "crazy and upset." "When you give a break to a crazy and whining delinquent and give her a job in the White House, I guess it just does not work ... Good job for General Kelly to get that bitch out quickly!", the American president tweeted.

The head of state's words were quickly repelled by co-religionists and opponents who consider it an offense to the nation that a president of the United States expresses himself in such a way. "This kind of language is inappropriate for a US president, there is no excuse for that, and Republicans should not agree", said Sen. Jeff Flake.

The irony of the matter is that the author of "Unhinged" qualified Trump as a mentor and even declared that she admired him. In a short time the ex-adviser has lashed out against the president, with whom she had been working professionally for 15 years - first on the reality show The Apprentice, then as an enthusiastic militant of her electoral campaign and later as an African-American assistant. Manigault joined the presidential team in 2017, as Assistant to the President and Director of Communications of the Public Liaison Office. Paradoxically, Omarosa had been a collaborator of Albert Gore and the Democrats; however, upon assuming her position she confessed to Megyn Kelly being a Trumplicana and changing political affiliation because in her point of view "Democrats take for granted African-American voters and makes them empty promises."

Manigault in February 2018 became a public enemy of the Trump administration and declared that she would not vote for him again. Simon & Schuster was not afraid to publish the book of the former assistant and even dismissed the legal action against Newman. The publisher disclosed to media that they are acting in accordance with their rights, although several lawyers agree that "Unhinged" breaks multiple confidentiality agreements.

When Omarosa was interrogated about the reasons that prompted her to record the conversations she held with Trump, she replied: "Everyone says one thing one day and changes their version the next day. I wanted to have this kind of documentation ... in case I was in this position in which they are questioning my credibility", she stated.

"Unhinged" has been in second place on's best-selling book list, after Rachel Hollis lifestyle text "Girl, Wash Your Face."