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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Galaxy S9, an impressive proposal?

Por sumily

The new version of Samsung, the S9 has a variable aperture in its camera, with two configuration options. In its most powerful configuration, it gives more light to photography, which can be very useful in places with inefficient lighting but the focus should be, also more superficial. To do this, the new device makes 12 images in a rapid sequence to detect and eliminate imperfections. In the case of his predecessor, he was only 3. However, the distinctive feature of the phone this time is the ability to slow down the video while maintaining the resolution of the definition. A tool similar to this was proposed by the Sony Xperia XZ Premium in 2017, but Samsung claims, that in this version they offer a more useful tool.

Expectancies all the technological innovations of each mobile phone company, the South Korean company Samsung has presented the new Galaxy S9 and its larger version S9 +, according to critics and experts in the field, this new version of the device has a better camera With new tools, but far from them, it does not offer distinctive changes.

The new version has the option of slow-motion inside the camera toolbox, a function that gives the user the possibility of delaying the key moments of action a little more than the expected time, as well as a type of lens that achieves Better photography when light levels are scarce. However, far from these new functions of the camera, experts consider that the design is very similar to the S8 and the devices have minor updates.

In 2017 sales increased for Samsung but not as quickly as did many other Chinese rivals. Hence, critics have the criterion that this version will be a challenge for Samsung. Achieving growth in sales and business with the new features of the phone will not be an easy matter. The new Samsung has a new position for the fingerprint sensor and the smaller ends on both the top and bottom, taking into account the characteristics of the S8. However, the new device has differences with respect to its predecessor.

The S9 has two camera lenses on the back which provide different fields of vision and the backgrounds of the photos are digitally blurred. According to Francisco Jerónimo, an analyst at the market research firm IDC, he believes that the improvements will not be good enough to impact people and make them change telephone quickly. While it is true that the quality and functions of the camera is a relevant point for many consumers and that of Samsung is superior to that of Pixel 2, with the arrival of S9 customers expect to see a point of advance in terms of intelligence. This is a device that continues to depend on the cloud, so it needs to be connected to the network to work and do, for example, live translations.