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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Jerusalem, the holy apple

Por dbloggers

The clash of cultures doesn´t stop yet. Still, Christianity and Islamism have strong differences that only have a solution through guns and war. No more Crusades or Assassins, but US NAVY and Intifada. Since the lovely Donald Trump decided to support Israel recognizing Jerusalem as their capital, the Middle East has become an uproar territory. Washington keeps on finding troubles with its allies in that territory and in the whole Muslim world. Deaf to other criteria, Donald Trump ended an agreement of several years that UN and other countries tried during a lot of time to arrange, finding a solution to that conflict for the Holy Land or Promised Land that both country, Palestine, and Israel, believe is the real inherit of God promise.

After that decision media outlets and headlines were all over the world. Protests against Washington happened; several Arab leaders across the Middle East were against that unilateral decision. Turkey, one of US allies in the region, argued what occurred was what they called an attack against the Arab world and culture. The leaders of many Muslim nations warned Washington about the chaos eruption by their intromission. Even the European Union disagreed with the US stall. But who cares? Washington has the dollar, has the power and has the nuclear weapons. What Palestine people only have is stones and rocks, not too much against American troops, I mean, Jew troops armed by the US. Turkey, France, Germany, British Prime Minister Theresa May and others were according to a non-binding UN General Assembly resolution calling on the US to drop its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, by America didn’t care.

Who has the reason? That could be the one million dollar question. If we go over the facts, it is better not to mess with the hot potatoes. In one hand, Jews consider Jerusalem is the holy land that God promised them and they deserve. In fact, Israel’s government regards Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the country. On the other hand, Palestinians are strongly stood on the fact that East Jerusalem must be the capital of a future Palestinian state, although since a lot of centuries ago many cultures and religions claimed Jerusalem as the sacred city. In that city, there are two Muslim holy places, the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, built in the 8th century. Muslims regard the site as the third holiest one in Islam, after Mecca and Medina. Judaism, Christianity and Islam gave that land a great significance for their religions. Inhabitants have faced invaders and religions from different lands since ancient times. Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans, early Muslim rulers, Crusaders, Ottomans, the British Empire, and the modern states of Israel and its Arab neighbors clashed for the “Holly”.

In 1947, the United Nations’ General Assembly stopped the confrontation. Forgetting all the history, culture and religion involved, they divided the territory: an Arab state and a Jewish state. At that moment, under the British-ruled, Jerusalem had a special status. That changed when British took the decision to go away in 1948, and madness started there. As Eva´s apple Jerusalem was the jewel that everyone wanted. Arabic governments and Jew forces fought. Israel captured East Jerusalem from Jordan in the 1967 Middle East war and annexed it in a move not internationally recognized. In 1980Israel declared the “complete and united” city of Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. Nevertheless, this was recognized neither by the United Nations nor by the Muslim people.

Despite that, US President Donald Trump announced last December that his country recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The weird movement or at least the decision that never his predecessors made was a complete disaster and the White House’s spokesman announced the moving of US embassy in Jerusalem. Why? Well, that could respond to Mr. Trump’s insanity but the real truth is that as many political analyzers believe the US has great interests in Israel and many Jews controlled the power threads powers.

Billionaires and bank owners, for instance, created enough pressure in some many ways that this time was impossible for Trump not to respond to the claim. To recognize Israel as the capital of the Jewish state was one of Trump’s promises during his campaign, now he is accomplishing it. According to some Middle Westanalyzer, the decision was praised by many conservative and evangelical Christians, most of them voted Trump. It was an unexpected Trump’s announcement reversed decades of US policy avoiding the recognition trying not to cause disturbs in the region. Yet, the current president doesn´t care about diplomacy. He even knows anything about religion or culture and doubtfully about Palestinians’ Intifada.

It´s pretty clear that the leader of the White House plays with the world order to his way. A dangerous whim if we consider that countries are not checkers of a chess game. Palestinians reacted to the news and so the entire Muslims’ people after the announcement. They think it is an unacceptable and unilateral move that violated all the sacrifice and attempts to create peace in the region. Even though American embassy moved away and some US puppet countries will move their embassy from there too.

The US State Department is rushing out the “historical step.” Mike Pence said the interim embassy will have an office by the end of 2019. In the meantime, more and more Palestinians take rocks as a way of fight against Israel´s soldiers and more people die in both sides while Donald Trump eats his fast food with extremely cold blood.