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Monday, February 12, 2018

The adviser dismissed by Trump has a lot to share

Por MRod

In Trump's office, Omarosa Manigault acted as a liaison in the communications office. She arrived there for his friendship for 14 years with the president, whom she met during his participation in the reality show directed by Trump. "She had more access to the president than most people. They were upset by our relationship”, the ex-consultant boasted.

Omarosa Manigault, the controversial ex-adviser of Donald Trump, does not escape controversy. After being deposed from her White House position in December, the African-American woman is now a participant in the reality TV show Gran Hermano (Big Brother). In one episode, Manigault reveals her frustrations with the White House and the bizarre Trump Administration. "I was scared away by the tweets every day and he asked me what I was going to say in the next", says Manigault through tears lying on a sofa.

The ex-consultant, who started her professional career in the world of reality TV -where she met Trump-, also defended that she tried to reason with the president about his messages on the social network. Manigault also claimed that she was "attacked" and that other advisers, such as the daughter of the Republican, Ivanka Trump, or her husband, Jared Kushner, prevented her from accessing the president. Of course, the answer came quick. This Thursday, the White House contradicted that version by stating that: "Manigault had very limited contact with the president during his stay here and that currently, she has no contact whatsoever with him." This is not the first time that the African-American media star generates controversy with its claims. Her departure already aroused controversy over the supposed tension between her and the head of the Cabinet.

According to some reports, Manigault had to be escorted off the White House property because of her refusal to leave and her intention to access the private part of the building to speak with the president. Some analysts say the woman, of 43 years old, finished in the American Executive out of pure luck, like several of the employees. Manigault met Trump during his participation in the TV reality show presented by the magnate, "El Aprendiz". She was known for taking wedding photos in the White House and was not regarded as the typical figure of the American executive. President Trump tweeted her goodbye like this, in an attempt to calm things down: "Thanks Omarosa for your service! I wish you much success”.

Manigault caused more controversy by stating that during her stay at 1600 Avenida Pennsylvania, she observed attitudes that had affected her emotionally and had to do with her race and the African-American community. "I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, they have saddened me and affected me deeply. It will be a powerful story that everyone will want to hear, "said Manigault, whose job will formally be ended on January 20.