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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The white hood, the new fashion trend in US?

Por qubano22005

Southern states in the United States of America are not playing a disguise contest neither Halloween has come before time. No, it is Kux Klux Klan whose number of affiliates is increasingly every day inside the organization. The hate is spreading all over America. Racism, xenophobia, anti-migration and anti-Muslim are increasingly gaining strength.Trump fueled the racism movement with his incendiary rhetoric, including his anti-migration campaign pledge. Mexican ears are still booming outTrump´s words: “Mexicans are sending rappers…”Also, he promised to bar Muslims from entering the United States. Since Donald Trump assumed the government in the US the number of hate groups in the country rose a 20 percent since 2014.

After Mr. Trump got into the White House his addresses gave Kux Klux Klan heart and a reborn is taking place. During this KKK’s Renaissance period the organization has enlarged in numbers: from 5000 to 8000 members since Trump took the power. How could this happen? Are we remembering Donny’s June 2015 speech? He referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists, criminals, and drugs dealers. But where are the several contributions of Mexicans to US culture? Actually, US culture is a compound of many cultures where Mexicans have had an important role. Hence, it is not a fashion trending in southern states to wear white hoods and carry white crosses and burn all black people down and now another character added to the list: Muslims and Latins.

According to The Southern Poverty Law Center in his annual census, they identified 954 hate groups in 2017, a 4 percent higher than the previous year. The figure followed a 2.8 increase in 2016, and the most recent number represents a jump of one-fifth compared to 2014.

Yet, the anti-establishment groups fell from 998 groups in 2015 to 623 last year. Heidi Beirich, director of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project, considers that white supremacist groups find in the government what they want to see: a country where immigrants are given the boot out and Muslims banned. Depending on several experts, the rhetoric of the US president and his silence about some tragedies like Charlottesville and Virginia, stimulated hate in many racist groups. Trump blamed violence in both incidents. He forgot that violence unleashed by supremacist rally left a counter-protester murdered. In addition to this anger and choleric rhetoric, he doesn’t stop criticize Muslims, Haitians and Latin-Americans using vulgar disrespectful terms against them.

But “Donny” forgets something once again. Immigrants hoping to improve their economic chances and a better life are submitted to the worst works. One of the reasons is that they are illegal migrants and the most important, the strong and unbeatable white race rejects hard labors as Agriculture, Construction and other kinds of service’s jobs. Are they really a superior race?

The wave of violence against Muslims and all kind of immigrants is worsened by media messages, politicians and the new party that blame immigrants for the economic crisis. But not only America is suffering hatred, Europe is also seeing a reborn of Nazism and xenophobe. Italy, France and Germany have politicians that are promoting to kick immigrants out and consider them cancer. However, Europeans and Americans got amnesia. The devastating wars against Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan make the population move to those countries. Families travel searching better changes to survive, far away from their homeland, escaping from an atmosphere of violence and insecurity.

FBI 2015 statistic records had 257 anti-Muslim episodes reported, only superior on in 2001 when more than 480 hate crimes took place after September-11 terrorist attacks. Likewise, FBI said incidents against racial and religious minorities, gays, and transgender people, increased a 6 percent compared to the previous year.

Despite his rhetoric and reaction after every racism incident, Donald Trump denied his racist posture. He is even so radical that said, as an example, his daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, are Orthodox Jews.

But extremist are not only dressing hoods and white clothes. Reports of police shooting black people are higher than white. Latin and Afro-Americans are the groups with the highest presence in US penitentiary centers. Racism not only comes from extreme superior white-group organizations but also lies on the collective unconscious of American society that really considers the white race’s superiority. Maybe that is the reason why reasons they use social media and forums; neither the FBI nor the Police takes position on it. Let´s see what happen and if the white hoods become in a fashion trending