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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Is there admiration for Trump's intentions with Putin?

Por mayli2017

The last director of the CIA, John Brennan, in a television interview, speculated on the possibility that the Russians have some kind of personal deal with the US president. Brennan, from his position as a regular critic of the Republican, ran the intelligence agency when it was released in 2016 a report by a former British spy, hired by the campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton, who claimed that Russia had compromising information about Trump, including nights with prostitutes in Moscow. The accusations have been denied, but undoubtedly feed the speculation.

For his part, Trump's allies say that the Republican government is being conclusive with Russia and that the president simply wants to cultivate a personal relationship with Putin to address issues of mutual interest. Saying Trump himself get along with Russia is a good thing since his predecessors have also tried. However, in the case of the dissatisfied president, another question arises, why has he never criticized Putin?

Although the US President's security advisers insisted on the preparation material of his call to Vladimir Putin not to congratulate him. However, Trump ignored the recommendation and congratulated his Russian counterpart for his refuted election victory, saddened by allegations of irregularities and the impediment to the main opposition leader. Before the controversy created, Trump revealed to the press the essence of his good call with Putin and announced his intentions to meet with him in the short term.The Ukrainian army has received weapons from the Republican Government.

The US government has also made known Putin's nuclear ambitions, has punished Moscow for its interference in the 2016 elections and has denounced him as being behind the recent chemical attack against a former Russian spy in the United Kingdom.Despite this, Trump has never criticized Putin, nor has he admitted in an obvious and public way that Russia is responsible for the electoral meddling that sought to help him become president and has resisted strongly denouncing the alleged Russian responsibility for the poisoning of Sergei Skripal. and his daughter in the English town of Salisbury.

On this occasion, Trump did not scrutinize Putin about his electoral victory or the attack on Skripal. An attitude that has received numerous criticisms in the US and marks a break with the diplomatic orthodoxy of Washington and its allies, however, converges on a pattern. In recent years, Trump has shown his admiration for Putin, whom he recognizes as a strong leader who achieves his goals, which surprises too much, as the US president has criticized leaders of allied countries such as the United Kingdom or Germany.The misgivings about his Russian affinity are enormous and lead to Trump since he declared his electoral candidacy in 2015 and became acuter when the intelligence services accused Russia in late 2016 of carrying out a sophisticated propaganda strategy during the electoral campaign in EE. UU to help Trump to be president.

A special prosecutor investigates if the Republican's environment could be coordinated with Russian interference. Trump, before becoming president, testified having had contact with Putin, due to his trip to Moscow in 2013 for the celebration of the Miss Universe gala, but then denied it.