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Saturday, March 24, 2018

One can never leave his dreams

Por sumily

Eva Longoria, one of the well-known Hollywood actresses, launched to fame with the Desperate Housewives Series, faces a beautiful stage of her life, not only for the baby that cradles her belly, but for the presentation of her clothing line.

To say the actress is in the golden months of energy And brightness, although that is its highlighter. It feels wonderful. And she is much better when she works, although many advise her for her state to slow down a bit, she denies it, she simply can not, it is not in her DNA. Now he is also producing a pilot for the ABC Grand Hotel drama, will present his collection live on March 22 and 23 by HSN and will perform in a new version of the 80s comedy Overboard, which premieres in May.

The 43-year-old actress, Eva Longoria, is a teacher of multitasking- She is now producing a new pilot, without neglecting her work with the Time's Up initiative, presenting a clothing line at HSN and preparing for the arrival of her first baby with her husband, José "Pepe" Bastón.

A way to see Longoria now has two babies, one that carries in his belly and the other his clothing line.For those who have been sewing and designing since they were 7 years old, their purpose now broadens the horizons, everything is reduced to fighting for women.

From the point of view of the actress, a woman must be comfortable not only physically with what she is wearing, but comfortable in her own skin.One of the famous actresses from the cast of Desperate Housewives has been sponsoring for gender equality in Hollywood and beyond with the Time's Up campaign, which raised $ 20 million and helped 1,500 women in harassment lawsuits.Longoria delivered a passionate speech at the recent women's march in Los Angeles and held a dispute over pay equity with former presenter CattSadler during an interview with the Golden Globes.

After the Hollywood awards season, the actress pronounced herself saying that it is not about the moment but about the movement in defense of the females. Each achievement must be celebrated and applauded. But, at the same time, it is important to keep moving forward and achieving real changes.The feminine empowerment thread is also woven through the Eva Longoria Collection.

The clothing line is inspired by real women of the world and the actress has used her knowledge and her travels to give her not only a DNA personality of Eva, but a global DNA of women from all over who do everything.The spring line includes ruffled sleeves, floral patterns, graphic t-shirts, and pleated skirts that can be worn for work or combined with more casual pieces like tennis.During an interview in Los Angeles, Longoria showed some garments that will be part of the line: printed panties of pancake, wide-legged pants and comfortable stretch denim garments that promised not to take one the dreaded "love handles."