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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Oscar´s award: no news about poverty

Por dbloggers

Nobody doubt about Oscar Ceremony and his beauty, fashion and glamorous event that every year bring us the “best” of best on Cinema Industry. Red carpet, black suit, fashion dress designed by the greatest designers and important houses of fashion melt with flashes and recorder that journalist tries to catch for a respectful magazine.

But are the Oscar the best of Cinema? Are they a mirror of US society? One of the main criticize about Oscar award is precisely that sometimes rewarded films are not “art” just entertainment and productions with a huge budget that is necessary to get back and become the films in a ticket hit.

Marvel, DC comics, Walt Disney and other company hire writers to write fantasies about Superheroes or oneiric's worlds where every American can be the hero or anti-hero with their own fears. Building under a series of social archetype those spectators falling and are seduced.

Thise year, Oscar award included more than 50 films that looked inside American daily troubles that are deeper under Donald Trump administration. Also, show up that face of US that is far away from America way of life that usually is on sale on media and become it on a flag of democracy, prosperity; the land of hopes. According to a studio among 1902 and 2015 only 299 films were significantly concerned about US social troubles, especially poverty and homeless. Others one about the topic are quite superficial and doesn´t denounce the social trouble at US.

If we look inside, documentaries are stronger activists (metaphoric speaking) where they finger point troubles that emerged by lax of governments that sometimes doesn´t have the courage of face industrial interest or heavy weight lobbies like NRA. Responsible, in a way, of one of the most important debate under this mandatary: gun´s possessions.

A review made by the Chicago Tribune reveals that in 2017 only five films matched in this kind of film. Same Kind of Different As Me, The Glass Castle, I Am Another You, Quest and The Florida Project. That kind of troubles fell on silence spiral where a non-telling true never will exist. Meaning that denounces film generate invisibility about some specifical issues.

However, some critics said that sometimes many of those films despite they speaking about social topics they highlight age-old stereotypes and for that reason, many of them are rejected. One of the experts said that some time films seem less interested in real denounces and supported their story in a frame of the American family who works hard, cares for each other and for their community, and nonetheless still struggles just to get by from week to week and month to month.

Nevertheless, some journalists, moviemakers and script´s writers agree that films about US social and political troubles are more dramatic and sometimes their interest in to find an explanation to the phenomenon that became the tale on a dramatic documentary. Perhaps the most important way to portray US´s troubles.

Although critics said that those films have common patterns. What about mega productions? Where sometimes heroes are humbled persons but with an expensive suit, expensive device, and it is quite weird to find a black person as a hero or at least to be one of the main characters. So, are we really talking about patterns and superficial theme treatment or they are other reasons?

Even Oscar´s award is a secret vote where around six thousands members of the Academy write downs their criteria on secret ballots it is quite weird that sometimes is quite probably that ever rise up the small statue.

Oscar award was presented in 1929, ten years later was official the name of Oscar refers to the prize that honor several categories on cinema industry.