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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Trump has fallen in love with Xi Jinping

Por dbloggers

Trump has fallen in love with Xi Jinping since he wants to become a dictator like the Chinese president, which reveals he praises Jinping’s savoir fair after the Communist Party of that country extended Jinping’s administration “for life”. However, a presidential statement is a contradiction of Washington’s foreign policy, either Trump admires too much Xi Jinping or he has a poker face with China. The truth is that US president was heavily criticized after he expressed that it was great to be president for life and cheers up to try it someday, so is quite possible that he was speaking by himself.

Donald Trump and America’s foreign policy sometimes use the pretext of powerabuse or dictatorship to invade other nations, especially if a president states it will be an undetermined presidential period. It happened with Cuba, North Korea, and others. Also, in Latin America, US have manipulated the public opinion saying that the current governments want to stay in the power forever.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump doesn´t hide his admiration by authoritarian leaders (but Kim Jon–un) and he paid some respect to Xi Jinping in several times despite of war trade, tariffs or geopolitical position that can cause a clash of culture. Maybe he saw in authoritarian governments his own image. Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan from Turkey and Philippines’ president Rodrigo Duterteare other personalities who have praised the Chinese president.

Donald Trump has said, regarding Jinping, he is “a great gentleman” and the most powerful (Chinese) president in a hundred years. On the other hand, he recognized that Xi is very kind and had treated him very well. But Donald Trump, despite his often praises about Chinese president, has attacked China’s trade policies. Besides, Trump has said to media that China has been soft with North Korea.

As is well known US presidents traditionally can only be at the presidential seat for a period of 8 yearstop. Only President Franklin Roosevelt was elected four times, but after 1951 an amendment to the American Constitution limited presidents to a two-term office. Still, China’s Communist Party decided to end the two-term presidential limit to indeterminate mandate. On Xi‘s case, China’s annual parliament has planned to follow the leadership of Jinping after the several economic reforms that are taking place in China for future years.

Nevertheless, Trump, during the speech addressed in Florida where he spoke about Xi Jinping, added that permanent leadership never end well. He also warned it could bring serious consequences in the geopolitical world. Perhaps he was talking about a possible conflict inside China that could be a debacle for the international economy.

Dissident Zhou Fengsuo, who is also a democracy activist, believes that sometimes western doesn´t have a right measure of that kind of plan inside China policy. He also sees as superficial comments those reaction that kill any hopes to the opposition in the giant Asian. According to some analyzers, Xi is seizing the power in China and nobody in Western is stopping it. Facing Trump’s controversial words Chinese dissidents feel frustrated because Western governments and leaders haven’t been hard critics of Jinping’s government