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Monday, April 30, 2018

Facebook moderators will have to fine-tune the aim

Por freewinds12345

Facebook will put in the eyes of its moderators content control and security in the privacy of each of its users. A 27-page publication explains what can and cannot be published on your Facebook wall. After the Cambridge Analytics scandal, the company has published the guidelines that its 7600 moderators, who operate in more than 40 languages, will have to decide which publications may be questionable and those that will automatically never appear on their pages. Apparently, the criteria will not change much, but the details that will be taken into account in each of the information uploaded.

The moderators of Facebook with the new "details" will have enough task ahead, or at least they will have to work a little more. Among the permissive photos will be those related to breastfeeding, works of art; however, the social network will restrict another type of photo in which the breasts are exposed. One might wonder, then, what will happen to those feminine movements in which the way to protest is to have the breasts exposed, "Breast not Bombs" is one of those examples. Analysts still remember the removal of the iconic AP image of a Vietnamese girl running naked after suffering a Napalm attack during the war in that country. At the time, following the criticism, Facebook said it could not create an exception for the photograph of a minor nude.

With the new regulations too open that put the limit of ethical and unethical in a thin line, the moderators are those who will have a very hot potato on their hands, because in the social network although it is true that some unscrupulous use it to launch offensive messages and publications; others use it to simply joke with friends. Now more than ever it will be for them "very difficult to discern" what is publishable and what is not. Observing and reading in detail and with speed the publications will be the skills that should be polished by Facebook moderators. The moderators in less than 24 hours should respond to the reports and give the green light or not to the post. However, the social network makes clear that it will not impose quotas or time limits on reviews. But above all the decision making will be your talisman. What difference will there be in a promotional video about the arrest of violence and one that encourages it?

Also the pranksters will have to stop or at least disguise their jokes related to sex pretty well. The minimum of indiscretions or line crossing will be enough for the moderators who will not have compassion to leave the publication in the "filter".

Another good news is that Facebook will not allow publications related to sexual exploitation, either of adults or minors. However, the controversial norms leave and open a gap to other types of manifestations such as violence against women, against animals; among others. It draws attention to the fact that in the section referring to homicide, Facebook will chase and block the serial killers, but those who have committed a single homicide may remain calm, because they will not be bothered, the company believes they could be people who acted in self-defense.

The social network since its inception has received severe criticism about the permissiveness of certain publications and the serious errors that have lacerated the moral and psychological integrity of some users. Something logical that happens, because behind the screen there are human beings, not machines that are the decision makers. These respond to an idiosyncrasy and above all to their cultural knowledge and gnoseological spectrum. One of the "blunders" has been the incitement to violence against Muslim minorities in Myanmar.

However, nothing is mentioned about the use of Facebook for political smear campaigns or to undermine peace in various countries. Now comes the elections in Venezuela, we must ask how the photos of the opposition and other groups will take what will happen there.