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Monday, April 30, 2018

Iniesta says goodbye to Barça between tears

Por Nina

It was nice while it lasted. In fact, it was beautiful. Unbeatable surely. But it ended. 22 years after entering La Masia with the white complexion and the face of not having broken a plate, Andrés Iniesta has officially confirmed that he will abandon the discipline of Barcelona when the current season ends. A devastating news for the mood of Barcelona and all Spanish football. "I want to make public my decision, very thoughtful, that this will be my last season at Barça," he said through tears, visibly moved. The decision to leave the club of his life has been the result of a long process of maturation.

"It is a very thoughtful decision with myself internally and also at the family level. I know the demand that involves playing at Barça every year in every way and also the responsibility that comes with being a captain. Therefore, being honest with myself and with the club that has given me everything, I understand that my stage should end this year because I have always understood that this club deserves the best of me as it has been until now, and in the nearest future I could not give better of me in all the senses, physical and mental ", explained the Manchego.

"I've left my soul for Barça, but I cannot fool myself or anyone, I'm going to turn 34 and I know myself, I know how I am. And I understand that from now on by law of life, or for other reasons, it was going to cost me a little more," the footballer added. During much of the appearance, Iniesta has been unable to hide the nerves and emotion in a day so important to him. "It's a very difficult day for me because I've been here all my life and say goodbye to what is my home and my life is very complicated, but I would not forgive myself for living in any uncomfortable situation in a club that has given me everything. I think I do not deserve it and the club either," he reiterated.

If a debacle does not occur that seems impossible anyway, Iniesta will leave Barça having won the League and the Copa del Rey in his last season. "If I had imagined finishing my career here, I think the form would have been this. Feeling useful, important, being a starter, with the option of winning titles and the positive feelings I have had all this year," he underlined.

The Barça captain described as "incredible" all the signs of affection he has received during his career from soccer fans and he has had some very nice words towards the club: "I want to thank the club and La Masia because everything I am like player and as a person has largely been thanks to them. Also to my colleagues and to all the people who are in the day to day, because they are the ones that make me be better ".

Iniesta has appeared before the media in the press room of the sports city Joan Gamper surrounded by his family, for which he has had some very special words. "I want to thank my parents and my sister for many things. 22 years ago we came to Barcelona in a car and here we are ". His wife, Anna, and their three children - Valeria, Paolo Andrea and Siena - have not missed the announcement. "I am here with the most wonderful person I have ever met in my life and who makes me happy every day. It is my wife, with whom we have given these three treasures, "he said with a choked voice.

One of the big questions surrounding the announcement of Iniesta was to know the club that will enjoy from the next season of his magic. Although everything indicates that the Manchego will go to China, he has not wanted to confirm, although it has served to declare his love for Barça again. "There are still things to close, there are different options, when I touch we will already know the place that I will choose. Of course, I have always said that I could never compete against my club, so all the scenarios that are not in Europe are feasible ", has been all his revelation. Iniesta will leave Barça "in peace", according to his own words. "I feel at peace with myself because my only goal was to succeed in this club and I succeeded. There is nothing that makes me happier than that. I have given the club the best I've had at a football and human level, trying to represent what this wonderful club means."