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Monday, April 2, 2018

People are already scared

Por mayli2017

The White House, faced with the massive attacks that have recently taken place in Texas, has ruled out, for now, an apparent nexus with terrorism. According to Sarah Sanders, the press secretary affirmed that there is a commitment on the part of White House officials and government entities to bring to justice the perpetrators of these atrocious acts.

There is no apparent link to terrorism at this time. However, the fifth explosion is linked to the others that occurred in Austin to say the state prosecutor was a package sent by mail from Austin, was addressed to a resident of Austin, and exploded on the conveyor belt. The Austin police chief, Brian Manley, emphasized that it is a sophisticated use of explosive devices.

Hours after a fifth explosion and the discovery of a sixth device in Texas, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, lamented the series of attacks with explosives and stated that the author of such misdeeds must be very ill.The last detonation was at dawn on Tuesday at a distribution center of the FedEx courier company in southwest Austin, the capital of Texas. Event that, Ken Paxton, the state attorney general related to four other registered in that city in recent weeks.

Although there were no serious injuries in this fifth explosion, it remains an alarming concern for all the fact that massive attacks are taking place all the time in the United States.The wave of explosions that began 19 days ago already left two dead and five wounded. President Trump spoke for the first time and publicly after passing explosion number five.

In Trump's words, the bomb attacks in Austin are appalling. Local, state and federal law enforcement work hand in hand to get to the bottom of the matter. Obviously, it is a very sick citizen or perhaps more than one. In any case, he assured that they will get to the bottom of the matter.

The state's attorney general told the KXAN television station that a second package, which did not explode, was found just outside of San Antonio, at the FedEx facility located in Schertz, 105 km southwest of Austin.The investigators appeared to have little information about a potential suspect or a motive, despite the police's massive response to the five attacks.

On the other hand, the congressman by Texas Brian Babin in communication to the chain Fox Business assured that they did not have the smaller idea of who could be the author of such events. They had no clue to give them a clue. However, he added that he puts all his confidence in that the FBI and the agencies authorized to enforce the law and carry out the investigation into the explosions may have some clues.Ted Cruz, the Texas senator, came forward and said he had spoken with the mayor of the city and the police chief about these coordinated attacks, and called for not limiting efforts to catch the aggressor and put him behind bars before of putting another person's life at risk.