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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Trump’s barking loud but doesn´t bite

Por freewinds12345

There is the old saying that it is better to play with the chain than with the beast. Apparently Donald Trump has not heard of it and is back to provoking the only nation in the world that has enough military strength to face them: Russia, a country that saw the loss of 20 million of its citizens during the Second World War and that over the centuries has emerged victorious in its encounters with Western forces. Trump shows the teeth again to Russia like a rabid dog and warns them to prepare for a missile attack in Syria. The reason to threaten Russia is inexplicable, like everything Donald Trump does.

However, it is clear that the US president wants to make very clear his position in front of the Al-Assad government and to give a lesson to the Syrian government after the alleged attacks to the opposition with chemical weapons.

Trump's statements seem like the play of a mischievous child who does not measure the dimension of his words. On Twitter he wrote: "Russia promises to shoot down all the missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will go, soft and new and intelligent". The difference is precisely that Trump, is not a child, is the president of the most powerful nation of the earth and is warning precisely its most bitter opponent, equally powerful.

The funny thing is that the Trump’s pun on Twitter is a challenge to Putin who a month ago during a parade said his country would very easily penetrate the US anti-missile shield. Therefore, the dimensions of Donny’s words are no joke. Trump accelerates and decelerates the clock of the end of humanity at will. First, he had humanity on the verge of cardiac arrest with its anti-North Korean rhetoric. Now, he undertakes it with Russia. The difference is that Russia does not hesitate and has a nuclear arsenal superior to North Korea.

Trump's boasting comes shortly after the Kremlin warned that it would not allow any action against Syria to further destabilize that nation's situation. "We are confident that all parties will avoid taking steps that in fact have not been provoked by anyone and that can seriously destabilize the already fragile situation in the region," said the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

However, Trump, like the dog that barks and does not bite, always overreacts on his comments and on this occasion added that Russia should not associate "with an animal that kills its people with gas and enjoys it". He also said although the situation with the Eurasian country is worse than ever, there are no reasons for being belligerent and that both countries should work together and help each other economically.

Nevertheless, the US president said his government would respond "bluntly" to the alleged attack. No evidence has yet emerged of Baghdad's guilt over the attack that killed more than 45 people and some 500 more have had to be treated at medical centers in Duma, several of them with symptoms of exposure to chemical agents.

Soon after, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement that some 70 people were dying in basements. On the other hand, Russia blocked on Tuesday at e UN a resolution of the United States to investigate the chemical attacks in Syria, bringing closer the possibility of a Washington military action against the regime of Damascus.

Once again a humanitarian crisis occurs again in Syria when the end of the conflict seemed to have occurred. On the contrary, the shady interests of the implied powers create a media nebula that ultimately confuses any expert, so taking sides would be premature.